Out of control text messaging (a little sad/a little humorous)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Jun 13, 2009.

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    My daughter had a campout sleepover for her thirteenth birthday party. We built a campfire and then I went into the car to pretend to read...hehe...and to let the kids have time alone so they could talk without me eavesdropping. As I watched them, I was morbidly fascinated that all fifteen of them, although surrounded by friends, had their cellphones out and were simultaneously talking and text messaging. There was not one exception. They were all doing it.

    I guess the days of telling ghost stories and secrets is long over. :2speechless::D
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    Ahh technology! 30 years ago we would have been amazed at the idea of having a contraption that we could carry around and make phone calls and type on to send messages!
  3. Andy

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    And an added funny - Many of them were probably texting EACH OTHER instead of using their voices!

    As a society, we really need to get a handle on cell phone ettiquite. Adults also behave in the same way. They put their cell top priority with whoever they are physically with.
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    I think this type of behavior contributes to lonliness and depression among kids today. It's probably much easier to type a response, then to say in person what you want to say. Kids while typing or texting can be more self-confident, have a more well thought out response and the important life skill of looking someone in the eye while speaking is not needed.

    I'm only thinking like this because I have a easy child who suffers from depression. He never talks to a real person, just sits on the computer and phone and types or texts people and never sees them. He has entire relationships this way. No human contact needed. So unlike how we grew up.
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    Well, most of these kids are very well-adjusted (I know them well) and, sadly, this is just how they communicate! I'm sure it causes depression in some kids. People need face-to-face contact and it can encourage shy kids to stay at home and socialize via texting, the internet, etc. and that is so not good...

    Andy, how funny! Texting each other! I don't think so, as they were talking to each other and texting at the same time, but who knows? :D Thank goodness there were no computers at the campgrounds or they'd be IMing, texting, and yapping to each other simultaneously.

    The world has sure changed! :tongue:
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    for some reason this brought up the movie "The Net" where Sandra Bullock plays a computer whiz who only connects to the world through her computer. Most of her coworkers don't even know what she looks like because they only know her through the computer. Seems quite a few people are headed in that direction anymore.

    Oh the days I could be talking with a friend and doing something else also. Now I can't even mate socks if I am chatting with someone!

    The first time I met my bff's husband was a riot. They had only been together about 6 months. i lived halfway across the country and had flown in to see my Gma and visit with bff. her husband was totally astonished as we got caught up. He had never seen 2 people hold 2 conversations with each other at the same time. As I was telling her stuff she was telling me stuff. Then we responded to each other's stuff. It just kept going, LOL!

    Now I can't even answer a question, much less answer one while talking about soemthing else!

    I wonder if maybe we need to write some social stories about cell phone and text message manners. Seems like the market for it would be substantial. Esp in the retail world. I cannot tell you how many times I have left a FULL cart of stuff at the grocery or wherever because the person checking me out was on the cell phone. Many people here seem to think if they use their bluetooth headsets then it isn't actually using the phone inappropriately.

    Do you have any idea how irritating it is to hear all about the love life (to be tactful) of the person taking orders at the McD's while you are trying to order?? I actually called the posted cust service phone number while I was trying to order. I had my kdis in the car and did NOT want them to hear all the details of the benefits being given to this woman's "friend with benefits". I didn't want to hear it myself, and esp didn't want the kids to hear it. And they, of course, did.

    The man on the customer service line actually called HIS manager over to hear what I was hearing. They immediately made some phone calls because I heard shouting coming from someone toward the order taken idiot. (And that was even MORE fun!! And was ALSO heard by the cust svc manager!).

    I would have just left, but I was boxed in by other cars in the line. Let me tell you, this experience gave a whole new meaning to "Do you want fries with that? Or a cherry pie?"

    And yes, they DID ask me if I wanted a cherry pie! (Cue music from 80's big-hair rock band)

    Messaging and immediate access to everyone has gotten out of hand in our society.

    It does sound like it would be cute to watch the girls all set up to "rough it" with cell phones in hand.
  7. Nancy

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    You would be surprised MWM, I would bet that some of them were texting each other. They do that when they get together and want to say something to their friend about someone else but don't want that person to hear it. I'm not saying these girls were doing it, but many times it's to say something negative about another girl. You know how girls are.

    I found this out when I started reviewing the cell numbers that were texted on my cell bill and discovered that difficult child was texting people she said she was with. When I questioned her she admitted they text with the person right there. I observed that myself when she had some friends over and they were texting each other making fun of one of the other girls and planning how they could ditch her for the rest of the night.

    I don't think we know all the effects texting is having on our kids yet but I don't think much of it is positive.

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    Nancy, what a good point. I hadn't thought of that. I guess, this would be as in, "S. has an ugly shirt...haha!"

    I liked the idea of cell phones so that I can locate my daughter when I'm not sure where she is. The text messaging is something different. Unlike calling people on the phone at 2am (which can't be done because parents would wake up and get mad) these kids can and did text all night (until I finally shooed them in the tent).

    All over the camp, I saw young people walking and texting. It was surreal. Even my 24 year old didn't have THIS and comments on how teens do it all the time! :tongue:
  9. In our local newspaper (Not online) there was an article about this issue where a "child expert" wrote that forcing your teens out camping without mobile phone or computer will be as hard for them as if we are forced to walk down the main street naked in broad daylight.

    Maybe that's why wilderness therapy works for some after only one week.
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    Heck....making me give up the computer for a week would be hard! My new (2 yr old flatscreen) monitor has something wrong with it and it appears I will have to put it in the shop. I started hyperventilating yesterday thinking I was going to be offline. Luckily we have a few older CRT monitors in the house I can use but it is like putting a small tv on my desk...lol. I miss my flat screen...it was so small!