Out of date medications??

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    I was just working on cleaning some stuff and discovered a drawer of very old medications. 3-7 years old. NOT to be taken by anyone, of course. But what do I do with them? I don't want to put them into the toilet because they contaminate groundwater. Do I put them in the landfill? The pharmacists here will go ahead and take medications that are still in date and they take them to the community pharmacy from customers they know well - and they give them to those with no money. Apparently it is legal here because at least one pharmacist at every store does this. But they don't take really old medications.

    I had forgotten I had all of these. At the time we were not sure if Wiz would cycle back through them or not. I even have his old stims - several bottles with quite a bit. Those I sure don't want to toss into the garbage in case someone goes through them.

    Any ideas?
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    Call your local police station.

    A lot of larger communities will have a once- or twice-a-year type thing where they collect unwanted medications, even those out of date.

    Here, a few of the pharmacies (usually the mom-and-pop type) will take expired medications and dispose of them.

    If these don't work? The hospitals have hazardous waste... Call them!
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    I was also thinking the hospitals, if your pharmacy doesn't have a disposal program.