Out of detox and back on the street again

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    difficult child was in the hospital withdrawing from meth for a week. She was discharged on the 23rd, while wife and I were away on vacation. My parents got her from the hospital and took her to an Oxford House (I can mention the name since they are nation wide, right?). The Oxford House requires the client to provide their own food. My parents bought her a few groceries and helped her reapply for food stamps. difficult child got on the waiting lists for some long-term residential treatment centers. On Tuesday one of the centers tried to contact her to say they had an opening, but couldn't reach her - she had walked from the Oxford House. They tried our number and my parent's number which difficult child had listed for contacts - we were still out of town and my folks didn't know where she was, but told the place they would try to get the message to her. They did hear from difficult child - she called to let them know she had left Oxford House (about four days after the fact) and was "staying with friends". Apparently she acted like it was no big deal that she walked and told no one, and said she was still planning to go into treatment. Anyway she got the message about the opening. The place had said that difficult child had until Monday before they gave the bed to someone else, but she had to stay clean and sober and call them every day. At this point difficult child has gone dark again so we don't know for sure, but the chances that she is staying off drugs and alcohol and calling the treatment center daily seem pretty remote, to say the least.
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    I'm sorry. I know it's disappointing watching them blow such wonderful chances to turn things around. Take care of yourself and the rest of your family. I'll send positive thoughts and energy your way.
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    I'm sorry. How disappointing.

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    How incredibly frustrating. Sometimes it seems like our kids are their "own worst enemy," doesn't it?
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    Fingers crossed that you are wrong. Sadly, however, I would assume you understand her ways and probably are guessing right. I'm so sorry. DDD
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    So sorry...it does seem like the sabotage themselves right out of anything good.
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    Sigh, sadly this is the pattern with many people addicted to drugs/alcohol. My difficult child tells me that people walk out of the sober house she is in all the time, use, and then come back. Sometimes it takes several times before they stay and sometimes they never come back. Rarely does someone say they want treatment and get it and stay until recovery is well established.

    She may come back. The treatment centers are use to this. Keepingmy fingers crossed that she surfaces soon.