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    difficult child's last visit to the Psychiatrist....I couldn't make her next appointment because I forgot my calendar. I called today & got this....."there a VERY few appointments left for the month". I asked for the days....I would say "OK" & she would say "that just filled up, what's going on?". MY ANSWER......."YOU tell me"! I just got a bunch of mumble. I said "OK, she wanted her to come in 2-3 weeks, but how about next month"? She says "Ummmmmm......Dr. ##$$$&%$ will no longer be here Feb 1st". :slap: :scared: :not_fair: I understand you probably can't follow this with all of the "she said...I said", sorry!!!! I'm just upset. We finally found someone that we felt was helping us along the path we are on. She attented the last IEP meeting too....we appreciated her input. The lady couldn't even tell me what I was suppose to do!!!! I gave up & said I would email her & hope for a response. Not quite sure what I'm suppose to do. I'm guessing she will refer her patients to someone else...BUT, I already KNOW how hard it was to find one that specializes in children locally.

    I guess I just needed to vent. It just made us drop our chins on the floor......just not expected. Anyone else had to go through this? I guess I'm just a bit nervous about searching again too.
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    Oh,my heavens, the psychiatrist is leaving FEB 1??? Why did she not tell you? Can you ask where she is going? This sounds strange, maybe the office politics are not good there? I know it is hard to find a new doctor of any kind, but a new children's psychiatrist who understands? Can you possibly move with her???

    You show you are in Ohio, the Children's Hospital in Cincy is good, with psychiatrists working WITH the psychologists for a great approach. Maybe you are near there?

    You problem are not near there, but it is all I could think of that might help. Sorry. I just know we got on the right road with difficult child when we were in Cincy seeing docs at the Children's hospital.

    I can send hugs, and prayers you can move with the doctor,


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    Ugh. How frustrating.

    If the psychiatrist is staying in the area, you will probably get a letter saying she's leaving the practice and there is another psychiatrist who will be taking over her patient care. Or if you want to follow the psychiatrist, you can request your records be transferred. I'm assuming if we got that letter it's because they were following state medical board rules, so you should get one, too. Unless she's leaving the area altogether. I'm not sure how that works, but I imagine you would at least get a letter stating that she's leaving and that so and so will be assigned to your daughter.

    We had that happen, too. I really like our psychiatrist, but she left and went to work for an organization that employs almost all of the child psychiatrists in the area. It's a good organization overall (Childrens), but I don't care for the way they run their behavioral health. Hard to get in, hard to get answers, hard to get phone calls through. The reason we went to this other psychiatrist to begin with was to avoid Children's Behavioral Health.
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    That would frustrate me to no end too. I had a family physician "disappear" like that, but it turned out he'd been sued and basicly had to "slide under the carpet". I didn't find that out for 2 years. You would think, though, that when mental health is involved they would be a little more communicative.

    Sorry you're going through this- I hope you can find someone else! Or, maybe you can find out where this psychiatrist is going
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    Yes, that has happened to us a couple of times. The first time we had been with the psychiatrist for about a year and at least "he" told us he was leaving and gave us a referral elsewhere. The next psychiatrist left after we had only one visit and we were left with a PA for medication management who consulted with- an adult psychiatrist for us. He eventually left as well and we were not referred anywhere else and started searching on our own. Ended up on a waiting list for a psychiatrist when the hospitalizations started. We're still without a child psychiatrist because waiting lists are so long. So we're making due with a reg. psychiatrist. As she's getting older now, I don't know as its as important to have a child psychiatric.

    Sorry that you are left with such short notice and without referral. I feel your frustration and hope its not too long before you can get in somewhere else with someone that is really helpful.
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    I'm sorry you are dealing with this. I hope you are able to quickly find a new psychiatrist. How frustrating!