out of the mouths of our difficult children.........

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    can you even think for a minute some of the what goes behind some of their thinking? i ussually can't . but the other day kenny said something that at first look i thought he meant something bad but in all honesty wasnt. sad ....but i even had to laugh.

    some of you may know we recently found out stephanie's hub is doing drugs. well the other day me and kenny where riding down the road and he blurts out " if i was her id go and get a blood test done to see who the daddy is." need less to say i was shocked but i started questioning him why he would say such a thing about his sister! (of course i thought he was bad mouthing her and maybe her hub had said something i didnt know about. he said no that's not what i mean. " i was thinking maybe that if she took the test the baby would hopefully have a different daddy besides him!" so sad but it was cute him saying that . because he has had nothing good to say about this baby except this .for in his mind he was "taking up for" him/her.
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    Wow, kids often have surprising meanings behind what they say. You can tell he loves his sister a lot!
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    Out of the mouths of not-so-babes! Sounds like he definately has an opinion about Stephanie's not-so-darling hubby.

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    Good for him!