over effective Occupational Therapist (OT)??

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    After changing to home based Occupational Therapist (OT) 2 months ago, I actually see some positive effects. V is calmer, not as intense. He still gets stuck on things, but it is easier to get him out of it.
    The Occupational Therapist (OT) has been working a lot on V becoming aware of music, rythm, songs, etc... He had never clap to music or tried to sing a song.
    She gave us some therapeutic music to listen to everyday and we basically really did our homework between Occupational Therapist (OT) sessions.
    Now V has a new problem (or at least one that I had not seen since he was a toddler): he is oversensitive to sounds!
    He covers his ears when there are loud noises, screamed when I vacuum, begged for the supermarket's announcements to stop, etc...
    It is crazy!
    Occupational Therapist (OT) is working, but did we fix one thing to create another problem??
    I never thought some like that could happen.
    Any similar experience?
    Needless to say we are going to take it easy with the music!
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    Well... I don't know about THIS specific issue, but I do know that often, our kids have LAYERS of problems. So, as we begin to deal with one layer... other things show up.
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    I can tell you that for my kids, the sensory issues with sound seemed to happen over night. One day they are just fine in a public bathroom (you know, the echo and loud flushes) and the next they are screaming bloody murder to get out. Each one developed issues at a different age, as well.
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    Q has gone through phases---times when jumping calms him and times when it revs him up. we always have to monitor and adjust. I have always been warned though that as their nervous system is adjusting and re-wiring, they often get worse before they truly get better. See what your Occupational Therapist (OT) thinks of that, maybe it could be happening?? When kids get new hearing aids, even if they are just giving them what typical hearing levels would be, they often can't handle it at first. you have to build up slowly. I can imagine it is much like that for our kids with sensory integration issues too. Not sure of it, I just imagine it to be that way.
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    I am not overely worried about it, just thought it was odd. But at the time, I see it as something is happening in his brain. It is trying to adjust and that is positive. Last night, we used a new cd with songs at 50-70 beats per minute (just like the heart beat) and it was amazing: it calmed him down, he snuggled on his dad's chest and just looked so content. I asked him if he liked the new cd and replied "yes, I feel good" !
    I do want to vacuum with V in the room, just to see if he is able to build up a resistence to it. Maybe, 1 minute today, 2 minutes tomorrow, etc... It is a new reaction, and I don't want V to feel powerless about it. At the very least, I want him to talk about it and not get upset right away.
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    The light sounds AVE we use is similar...it has beats and light flashes so it uses both the auditory and visual method...actually there are ear clips with a little vibration too to use tactile but we haven't started that yet. You can patch in any kind of no words music to it so I use some that the therapist gave us. The programs work to hit different brain waives depending on if you need to be more alert, or to attend better, or to calm, or to sleep etc. It is all so interesting. We did the listening programs like you are doing when Q was young too. How many times a day do you do it? We are told as many as we want but to wait 3.5 hours in between.
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    interesting about the sounds and vacuum. Keyana was nuts about loud noises like the vacuum, lawn mowers, motorcycles, ATV's etc from the time she was a very young baby. You could not have one near her. If you tried to vacuum a room with her in it, she screamed bloody murder. I just waited until she wasnt in the house. If someone was riding one of those ATV's anywhere near our house, she would run for the door. If Papa started the lawn mower, she was screaming and in my arms. She would even run crying for the door if she heard a motorcycle on the highway and we are over 900 feet from the road and you cant see it.

    However, she LOVES to watch NASCAR on TV and the louder the better. We decided last Mother's Day to take her to a race and we were iffy if she was going to actually be able to handle the noise. We had those little orange ear plugs to put in her ears. She loved it. As soon as we hit the track she could hear the jet dryers going around the track to dry it and clean it and she thought they were cars and she was wanting to see. When the cars actually started and let me tell you they are LOUD, she was on her tippy toes just screaming for joy. NASCAR broke her from her fear of sounds...lol.