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    There is this freakishly odd noise................have no clue what it is.............sounds animalish.........possible bird? (what bird at night though? owl?) LOUD. No screeches. Just this really freakish noise. And a poor dog (possible puppy) crying like mad. I have no idea where this dog/puppy was.........but the bird thing (it's huge...I mean HUGE) was close because it basically sounded inside my house.

    Now silence.

    It was horrible. I have my windows open.

    At first from the horrid sound I couldn't hear the dog/puppy crying (and I do mean crying in agony) but then......yeah.

    Travis and I have seen this huge bird thing at dusk flapping around making that gawd horrid noise. I've heard many an owl, but nothing like this. I think it's perhaps taken roost in the pine tree across the alley from me on the lot of the empty corner house. I *think* I saw the people next door to that lot stake a puppy out with a dog house a couple of weeks ago. I've never heard the puppy after the first night so I sort of forgot about it. But I haven't heard/seen this huge bird thing in several days. (and trust me it's noise would wake me from a sound sleep, when it gets going it can hurt your ears)

    Hopefully the possible owl was hunting a mouse or some such and just scared the puppy silly........(the noise it was making, but why would it make noise while hunting?) I've said a prayer puppy is in his house shaking with fear and won't dare to come out until daylight.

    I should say we see the shadow form of this bird thing.........because it's not light enough to actually see any features.

    The puppy belongs to the residents of the halfway house for the mentally challenged. I hope to heck when they go out to catch their bus in the morning all they find is a sleeping puppy or one greeting them thrilled to see them.

    Any ideas on what on earth it could be?? And no I'm not sure I can describe this noise it makes. No where near like a hoot, screech (well maybe a screech but not like I've heard before). But by it's shadow it is huge with an enormous wing span.

    And if it's an owl (and I don't care what kind) how do I get rid of the darn thing so he/she roosts somewhere else............like out in the country where it belongs? I don't want to be hearing that horrible noise every darn night or be woken by it. And if it's going after puppies (I really hope it's noise was just scaring it), what about the stray cats/kittens??

    The only thing I think of when I hear it's noise is how the transformers zapped and popped and hissed (only much louder than that) when we had the ice storm. I know it's weird but it has an electrical sound to it. It literally makes me want to claw at my ears until it stops.

    mother in law had owls over in her yard a few blocks from me. They were somewhat largish......but nothing like this one appears to be. They also sound nothing alike. mother in law's owls made normal owl noises.

    I also just paused long enough to look up owls for North America to hear what each one sounds like. No matches to what horrid noise I heard.
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    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Sorry mods. I have to start paying attention to what forum I've been reading in before I post late at night. omg :kickme:

    Could one of you wonderful mods move this over to watercooler where it belongs. Thanks.
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    Depends on what the owl was raised around. I have heard some make awful sounds and other big birds make strange noises too. Plus owls CAN attack small dogs, cats, etc... We had a cat who was full grown and was attacked by a crow - most awful sound I have ever heard and it was NOT the cat. it was made to scare the cat according to the vet who is a neighbor and heard it. her dogs scared the bird off, but the poor cat had scars on her skull forever and even a picture of a crow or raven on the tv would have her hiding and crying. I don't know if that is common, but we have heard it. My folks make their cats come in at night if there is an owl in the area. They can be quite large and they don't always sound like they do on tv or on recordings online.

    I hope it isn't an owl, and i have no way to know how to get it to leave.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Lord love a duck - I love owls - but the screeching? My first thought was screech owl - but this site should end the mystery for you - it has all the sounds If it's LARGE - it's likely a great horned owl and yes - they hunt cats, rats, opossums, racoons - It's Spring and everyones babies are out and about - so it's possible it would go after a puppy. Getting rid of it? (I laugh) It will go away on it's own unless it's nesting. If it's nesting? Get some earplugs.
  5. DaisyFace

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    IF something was being attacked and/or killed - you will hear the most unearthly howling and screeching sounds. Dying raccoons often sound like puppies. Even "quiet" animals like rabbits and deer will make screeching sounds. (Heck - I've even heard a small frog scream for its life while being eaten by a snake!)

    I'm thinking you probablt heard a dying animal. It's sad - but it's life - and it's over....
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    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Star I've listened to all the owl sounds. Some are a little close..........but not enough. This was LOUD as in think of an animal with a boom box at it's disposal LOUD, with it cranked all the way up. For reference.........I had MY music cranked all the way up and I have sub woofers on my computer........and it drowned out my music. (not to mention I was inside, this thing was outside)

    I've heard animals dying due to hawks and owls and heaven knows what else. The loud noise wasn't an animal dying. The crying one might have been but it was much softer. Actually, I never knew a rabbit could even make a noise until we were camping and an owl got hold of one.........and yeah that was horrible to listen to. I just sat there thinking "kill it already!"

    If it's some type of owl I certainly don't want to spent the summer going through that night after night! omg :faint:
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Could it have been something being electrocuted? Like a squirrel in a transformer?
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    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I dunno. You have to understand, while I'm in town...........my part of the street has no street lights, so when I say it's pitch black out there, I'm not kidding. But I don't think so. Because this noise has been on multiple nights......and I've seen the big bird thing (I'm calling it a thing because no clue what the bird is) when the noise is blaring. Because the last time before last night it was at dusk........and the bird thing is flapping it's wings, the gawd awful horrid noise is going on, the entire pine is quaking and shaking (this is a pretty huge pine by the way and full/thick). So I'm assuming the bird is making the noise. Although I've never heard a bird really make a noise when hunting, I mean you don't want to alert your prey.

    And I can see the transformers from my house, they're just on the other side of my privacy fence. Due to the sound I looked up thinking something maybe hit it.......didn't see anything. (I can see it better because it's up high and illuminated by moon light)

    I wish they still had cassette recorders. I swear I'd wait for it to get going and tape it. I've lived on a farm for several years. I've camped out in the boonies and in the woods. And I've never before heard such a sound. Thank heaven because had I heard it while camping............ I think I'd have packed up and gone home. LOL
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    Maybe it was MothMan and/or has something to do with that big orange ball?
  10. witzend

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    Fox? Coyote?


    I'm thinking Coyote, but it could be fox. If you youtube fox, you'll find some calls.
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

  12. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Hmm, neither of those.

    LOL Keista.

    This is an animal. I just cant' identify it so far via the sounds it makes. I wonder if something could've wandered into the area that normally would not be in this part of the country. I mean we do have seagulls out the wazoo and we're awfully far from the ocean. We had one wind up here after a storm.........then another.......maybe a couple more, and now we have a thriving population. They love Mc Donalds.

    I've seen an eagle. Didn't believe my eyes the first time, but the 2nd and 3rd........convinced me. Plus I saw something about it on news reports.

    This will drive me nuts until I figure it out. I watched that darn tree until sundown. Nothing. (of course, probably because I was watching for it lol )
  13. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

  14. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Star, those two are much much to mild.

    You have to remember, it makes me want to rip my ears off. (plugging them doesn't help much)
  15. TerryJ2

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    Eagles are high pitched keening noises.

    Do you have great blue herons? They are spooky, prehistoric, and LOUD.

    Also, possums can sound like babies crying.

    Owls are usually silent fliers.
  16. TerryJ2

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  17. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I know what it is......I know what it isssss..........You have a peacock.

    If this isn't it - look up CALL of a squatch......other than that - it could be some odd migratory bird. But UP in a tree - LOTS of feathers rustling........PIERCING annoying sound........my last guess for tonight is peacock.
  18. TerryJ2

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    Oh, my! I wanted to buy a peacock once and the guy warned me that the neighbors would complain. Now I know why! It would have been fun for a while, though. As long as they were quiet.
    The local SPCA said they get way more complaints about birds like parrots, screeching, than they do about barking dogs. Go figure.
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    Oy! we have peacocks in the neighborhood. They are so pretty to watch but annoying to listen to. After a while it actually sounds like they are saying "I want it now"
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    Well if the noise is annoying and its killing small pets, kill it. Sheesh, city people!