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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by enzo, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. enzo

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    so...difficult child was having an "ok" summer. Better peer group, but still too much partying. He went to a 3 week summer enrichment program at a midwestern university, and of course found a way to get high every day.

    He came home to find he was grounded, and went thru the roof. Refused to take his medications, so we called the cops...then we realized that he basically didnt take his lexapro for the entire 3 weeks...greaaat...wonder if he would have not "backslid" while away if he was on his medications...also if he wouldnt have freaked so bad when we told him he was grounded..

    clearly the program didnt have a medications enforcement policy..of course difficult child isnt responsible, we should have realized that..we'll get through it, and our policy remains the same: if you can't abide by the rules of our house, then you'll live in an institution where others will control you.

    Annoying that the world is full of morons. And our difficult child is one of them.
  2. 92025

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    How did you find out he got high everyday?
  3. enzo

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    program counselors told us.
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    At the end of the program they said by the way he was stoned every day?!! I would be furious with them as well as him! What kind of program wouldn't ask someone doing that to leave?
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    I agree. Have you considered filing a complaint with the university? University police?
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    I would not let the camp off the hook.
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    I dont think the lexapro keeps him from using. My difficult child does with or without medications as do many others I know. He was "free". Not enough supervision and he took the opportunity-maybe one of the other kids was loaded down with weed or something and it was easy-who knows??? Seems to me that liability would be a big concern for these camps and they would clamp down on watching the kids??? Is he back on track?
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    I would be furious with the camp too. I would be so tempted to blow it sky high (no pun intended) and call the local news or something. This is ridiculous.He is SIXTEEN. Where the heck did they get the pot? Why weren't their bags checked? And if the counselors knew he was getting high each day - he should have been sent home. And you should have been called the first day they knew.