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    So, two days away from our annual vacation, M calls us at 8:30 at night to tell us that he and his room mate Z, who have been living with Z's mom (M rent free, I believe) were moving into their new apartment this evening when Z claimed the Master Bedroom. An argument ensued because M is older and therefore should have the Master Bedroom. (Why is there not an emoticon that sighs?) Zach's got his stuff locked in a garage somewhere...

    So, M is standing on the street in the rain that comes down the way it does in the Pacific NW on a cold March night, wanting to vent at us. We're in the car driving home from a nice night out with L -believe it or not - but then again, we paid...

    husband somewhat ungracefully gets off the phone so that we can discuss this, and we agree that M can't come home. We'll pay the night at a hotel if necessary, but he has to work this out with Z at least so long as to figure out the first and last months' rent, and that we can help M find a place to be in the long run - not sign anything - but this is something he needs to work out. And maybe Z deserves the Master for having allowed M to sleep on his mom's sofa for the last however many months. Credit where credit is due, standing wet and cold on a street corner, M recognizes that he maybe should not have lost his temper.

    M. is starting by calling Z's mom. I am having husband call M and make sure that it doesn't escalate to a police situation or both of them getting evicted. So far, it doesn't sound very productive - but. That's what I keep hearing husband say, "But!" as in re-directing the conversation.

    Why? Why two days before we go on vacation?
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    Oy vey pretty much sums it up. Sorry, bad timing again. I hope M and Z can work it out and that M gets over himself about the master bedroom. What is that anyway? When I roomed with anyone, I always gave up the master room, as long as I had my own space with a door, right?

    I hope you're able to head off on vacation without this worry hanging over you.
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    Why? Because he's a difficult child and they tend to be quite self-absorbed. He's not thinking about your vacation, he's worried about himself and the position he's gotten himself into.

    Don't let it ruin your vacation or have it hanging over your head. He's a big boy.
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    I think Oy vey pretty well wraps it up. :( There's no explaining difficult child's. Hugs. DDD
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    Oy Vey is right. :rolleyes:

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    After I wrote last night, husband took M to get a backpack full of clothes and school work - phew! - and dropped him at a Super 8, & paid for the night. Z's mom works the late shift so M couldn't call her.

    M has to check out in a couple of hours, so he has to figure this out this morning. husband is sleeping in, he didn't sleep well last night. But I will wake him up soon to get going on all of the things we have to do in order to get ready to go, as well as to make a call to M. There's some grief about $26 that Z owes M. I'm tempted to loan Z the $26 to pay back M and keep the peace and Z can owe me. Because I don't give a rip about $26.

    I'm not at all clear as to whether or not M is seeing things based in reality. I did hear husband tell him several times that the important thing is to have a place to sleep that's warm and dry right now, and that this isn't an eternity. Not to mention, M's name is finally co-signed on a lease. It's his chance to build up some credit so that he can get his own place soon. Still and all, he'll have to figure out a way to make it work - or lose his money and sleep on the streets. His problem, not ours.