Oy! What a year this is gonna be...


Crazy Cat Lady
So...I took my sweetie of a cat into the vet because he was losing weight, not eating, and peeing all over the house.

Vet did an ultrasound. He has kidney cancer and I will be losing him July 1st.

Then, I go into the doctor Monday for routine bloodwork and find out that I'm diabetic and my thyroid isn't functioning at all. I had the highest TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone) the doctor had ever seen.

So, I started on Metformin for the diabetes yesterday and ever since, my blood sugar has been tanking every time I turn around. It's like I have to eat small amounts of balanced protein, simple carbs, and complex carbs every couple of hours to keep my sugar up.

They will be calling me back to make an appointment with a diabetic nutritionist to work out a diet that works with my intestinal problems and sugar issues.

I started on Levoxythyroxine (sp?) yesterday. The doctor feels that that and the Metformin and the diabetic diet should get the weight off of me fairly quickly. She also says that if I can lose the weight, I might be able to come off the Metformin. I hope so. I don't mind the diet. From my research it seems in general to be a healthy way to eat, but so far I don't like the treatment at all.

Then, the damned headaches. She put me on Fioricet but only allowed me to take it 3x per week. Not only do I get headaches more often that that, but I get rebound headaches with the Fioricet. (if it works at all )

The headaches, in my opinion are coming from spasms in the muscles at the base of my skull.