P/T Conference today!

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    Wish us luck! I have no reason to be overly concerned but there's always that bit of anxiety, Know what I mean??

    The tween girl stuff is coming on strong: Duckie has made a new friend this year in class "M" who has apparently taken a dislike to Duckie's good friend "J" (known since kindergarten, really good friends) and is pressuring Duckie to drop "J". At least Duckie realizes that "J" has always been a good friend and has told "M" that she won't drop "J", but it's stressful for her.

    Also, Duckie has been complaining about about a boy "MA" who is very distracting: blurts things out, can't sit still, continually on red. Her teacher has this boy in Duckie's seating group (I think because the other kids, including Duckie, are pretty strong academically). "MA" was out of the room for a time yesterday and had a class meeting because there had been so many complaints about "MA" in the classroom's concern box. She assured the children that she and "MA's" parents were addressing the issues and she wants the other kids to stop complaining so much because the poor kid told her he has no friends in class. :( She said she wants them to support him, be respectful and most of all to go out of their way to be kind.

    Duckie told me that she feels bad now, she wishes she had been more patient with him. I talked to her and made it clear that, chances are, a child that misbehaves as much as "MA" probably can't control it and so it isn't his fault. And it's going to be up to his family, the school and the other students to help him find a way to get an education without disrupting the other students.

    She said that he is smart, but he is also an amazing artist... so she's going to look for opportunities for her to sincerely compliment him.

    And she's going to do her best to stop giving him dirty looks when he acts out in class.
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    What a sweet girl Duckie is !! I wish she were a classmate of my difficult child ! Good Luck at PTC tonight ... We have PTC tonight too and I always have anxiety ....:D
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    So it went well... her teacher has her number, lol! She said that if she had an award for messiest desk that Duckie would have won it... hands down. And she thinks that while Duckie is performing at least at grade level academically, she has noted that Duckie doesn't work up to her potential. Her goal is to help Duckie improve both those things. :) So we went over Duckies little quirks: sensory stuff, handwriting stamina & visual perception/tracking difficulties. She said she was glad I clarified that because these finer points aren't always obvious... especially when there are other kids in the class that are much more demanding of her attention.
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    Ditto that, esp since he sounds like my kiddo.