Pain deep in her right side??? UPDATE added.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by susiestar, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. susiestar

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    Jess complained 2 days ago of pain burning deep in her right side. We gave her some aleve and let her take it easy.

    Saw the pediatric on-call doctor on Christmas Eve. He sent her for an ultrasound of her gallbladder and appendix. Not the right place for appendix, but thye looked. All looked OK, no stones appearing in the ultrasound.

    Christmas Day she is still in a LOT of pain. Nothing seems to help it. She really worked on NOT grumping at anyone - and was really good though she felt like [email protected]

    I am going to call her gynecologist tomorrow AM for an appointment - glad we have already seen one and we like her.

    Any ideas/suggestions as to what this might be? Pediatric doctor (male) said it can't be endometriosis or an ovary, but what training has he had? I just know something is wrong, this is the 2nd time she has had this. Last time it lasted for several weeks, but was not this severe. This time by dang we are going to figure it out!!!

    I hope.

  2. smallworld

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    Susie, is she menstruating yet? If so, it could be an ovarian cyst.

    Does she have any GI symptoms? The pain could have something to do with her GI tract, such as IBS, colitis, Crohns, etc.

    Has she had any blood work? Might want to run some to make sure everything checks out normally.

    Has mono been ruled out? Pain in the right side can be an inflammed spleen caused by mono.

    Has a urinary tract infection been ruled out?

    That's all I can think of for now. Hope Jess feels better and you get some answers soon.
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Did you figure out the cause last time? Any chance it's constipation? easy child has had two bad boughts with this in the past two months and it caused a LOT of abdominal pain...

    Ditto what smallworld said on bloodwork. It can reveal a lot.

    difficult child 1 has Crohn's, and he presented with lower right quadrant pain which was thought to be appendicitis at first, but that was ruled out. It wasn't until he had bloodwork where his inflammation markers were out of sight that they considered his ultimate diagnosis. In his case, the pain was being caused by a stricture (bottleneck caused by scar tissue) at the end of the small intestine.

    Above all, trust your "mommy instincts" and keep pushing for answers.

    Hope she gets some relief soon!
  4. busywend

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    Small and gcv gave all the possibilities I thought of and more.

    I hope you get some answers today!
  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    Is she on Depakote? That gave my daughter ovarian cysts, very painful ones. It's a risk factor in girls that most aren't told about. It can also be a bladder infection.
  6. howlongto18

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    I had pain in my right upper quadrant forever... my gut told me it was my gall bladder, but they kept telling me it wasn't. Everything looked fine in the ultrasound, so they actually checked for ulcers with a scope and we finally did a test with contrast medium that finally found what they called sludge in my gall bladder. They removed it the following week.

    Pain in the right side can be hard to diagnose. I would also look into urinary and kidney infections.

  7. tammyjh

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    Good luck and I hope the Gyn can help figure out whats giving her all the pain.
  8. susiestar

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    THey did an ultrasound and bloodwork via a fingerstick. Not sure why a fingerstick, it was much more painful than just drawing blood.

    She is on Keppra, but good to know about the depakote causing cysts.

    My aunts and I all had ovarian cysts that were very painful.

    They did a urinalysis, no infection at the time of the test. But, sometimes it can hurt a LOT before the tests show anything.

    All systems are moving normally, no constipation or anything.

    Gyn is booked all week, on vacation next week. She is reviewing the tests to see if she can find anything, then will work Jess in tomorrow or Friday.

    I hate all this. Why can't the kid just not hurt?
  9. flutterbee

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    My urinalysis never show anything under the microscope. They always have to send them to be cultured. Even when I passed a kidney stone, urinalysis while mostly blood, showed nothing else until they cultured it.

    I had ovarian cysts and it hurt like that, too. Also, so does my endometriosis. It had wrapped around my bowel and attached to other things which caused a lot of pain.

    Endometriosis doesn't show on an ultrasound. The only way to actually see it is through a lapraoscopy (sp?). However, it can usually be detected through a pelvic exam. My pelvis is what they call 'fixed'. IOW, the uterus doesn't move when it is pushed like it's supposed to.

    I hope they can figure it out.
  10. susiestar

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    Thanks all. NO return call from the gyn. Will call them again in the am. IF they can't help, maybe they can point us to someone who can. Else I will get her in to the gyn specialist that treated me and my mom and did both our hysterectomies. He knows the family history, is NOT surgery happy, and truly LIKES women. But he also is very on top of current issues and research, and feels if a woman says something is wrong then it is wrong!!

    But he is 2 hours away. So we will give the local doctor a try. I will NOT give up on getting help for her. She shouldn't have to hold her side and move slowly like an old lady and shake with pain like she has palsy!!!

  11. Marguerite

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    Susie, you said, "They did a urinalysis, no infection at the time of the test."

    That sounds like a dip stick test, which they often do before sending the specimen off to be cultured. The dip stick can look for blood in the urine, protein (often found in an infection), ketones (found in diabetes when you've not been eating well or taking your insulin - also found when you've been on a high-protein diet or not eaten for a bit too long), pH (low if there's an infection) and that's about it. NO dip stick can measure bacteria.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 had an ultrasound for appendicitis. It was negative, despite her actually having a 'grumbling' or chronic appendicitis. Ultrasound is not that specific for appendicitis. They can get a bit more detail on ultrasound if they use a vaginal ultrasound probe (inserted into the vagina).

    Other possibilities - endometriosis (also not easy to pick with ultrasound). Another phenomenon called "mittelschmertz" which is basically pain at time of ovulation - sister in law had this diagnosis, although hers turned out to be a grumbling appendix.
    easy child 2/difficult child 2 is currently being investigated for a condition called "gastroparesis" where the stomach doesn't empty properly. it has a combination of symptoms which include pain on the right side as well as nausea, especially after eating ANYTHING (in her case).

    She does need to see the gynaecologist, but she might also need to see a gastroenterologist. What about trying to get an appointment with a gatroentrologist now? It gives you a head start in case the gynaecologist says, "I don't know; how about seeing a gastroenterologist?" At least you would have an appointment booked. You could always cancel if the gynaecologist turns out to have the answer.

    My thought - there are more things that could be wrong from a gastro point of view than from a gynaecologist point of view. Go for the each way bet. It should speed things up.

  12. susiestar

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    Thanks all. We have an appointment with her gyn tomorrow for a vaginal ultrasound.

    We went back to the pediatrician (as ordered on the 23) and he said she looks fine and it is just a pulled muscle. But, he also said it could be her ovary and there is no way of knowing or doing anything if it is her ovary.


    As far as a gastro, there is a pediatrician gastro in another town we have seen. She has been fully scoped and everythingis fine but slightly irritable in the esophagus.

    The pediatrician gastro will see her if the gyn doesn't find anything.

    She is still hunching over and in great pain. Of course the pediatrician actually told us that it shouldn't be treated with pain medications because she is just a kid and they don't really feel pain.


    Last time we see him. I will take her to MY doctor rather than him.

    We are making some progress.

    Thanks for the good thoughts and suggestions.

  13. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    "...they don't really feel pain."

    OMG!!! RUN as fast as you can away from that kook! That's the craziest thing I've ever heard.

    Hope you get to the bottom of this quickly and that she finds some relief for her pain. Poor girl!
  14. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I don't remember how old she is - but google PCOS.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
  15. susiestar

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    That is what I am afraid of. I have it, though I had a complete hysterectomy a couple of years ago. I didn't learn about it UNTIL the hysterectomy, but wish I had gotten treatment earlier.

    I will say that if a woman is done having kids and has a lot of problems (esp PCOS and endometriosis) then a hysterectomy can be a wonderful gift to herself. It was to me.

    BUT my daughter is only 12. I really think we are in for a long road. Thanks everyone, keep up the positive thoughts.

  16. flutterbee

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    I didn't know there was a name for that! I was never diagnosis'd, but I could tell always tell when I was ovulating from the right ovary. I could pinpoint my ovary for you.

    Susie, I've considered a hysterectomy and the only reason I haven't done it is because my old gyn wouldn't do it after the lapraoscopy (still don't think I'm spelling that right) cause of my age (I was 29). And since the endometriosis came back and my pelvis is fixed, I can't have it done vaginally. I couldn't financially do a 6 week recovery period. And then I had the heart attack and I'm on blood thinners and noone's willing to operate. Imagine that. :bigsmile:

    But, then I thought about it. I did the Lupron for 3 months following the first procedure for the endometriosis. Lupron is an injection that puts you into instant menopause. And I have to tell you that me less hormones = homicidal. After 3 months, I told my doctor that I wanted to kill someone and I wasn't picky who. He stopped the Lupron. :rofl: I was supposed to do it for 6 months.

    So, my new doctor put me on Aygestin which is synthetic progestin. It keeps the estrogen at a low level. Estrogen is at it's lowest level in the body right after the menstrual cycle and this medication keeps it there. No periods and I had a decrease in pain within days. Plus, I'm not wanting to kill anyone. :smile: That's always a bonus.

    I hope you guys get it figured out soon.

    I can't believe your pediatrician said that kids don't feel pain. What planet is he living on?!!
  17. Star*

    Star* call 911

    SusieStar -

    I have PCOS, and Metabolic Syndrome X. I was diagnosis about 4 years ago or roughly the time my entire body went bonkers. I went from a nice athletic 5'8" and 135 lbs. (Size 5-7) and in 6-8 months was 282 lbs and 24-26, with falling out hair, horrible menses, acne, balding, and on and on - I think this condition also exacerbates my severe migraines & being pre-diabetic or has caused it. I have other issues as well that may or may not be heightened by all of this - but WOW - it is painful. I have BEGGED for a hysterectomy, and was told if I got one it would be worse because while it is called PCOS and there are cysts from it - the condition really causes failure in (oh, waving hand in a circular motion I hate getting older and forgetful) insulin resistance (Feel like I overcame a senior moment there) but memory loss is also a side effect of it all.

    For me it started with Raynauds - and the arthritis. Then my veins collapsed and well I'm just so medically fun! My doctor schedules 30 minutes JUST for me when I Do go in. Lost insurance back in Sept. (How fun is that?)

    So what did they say about it - ? I read what Wynter wrote - all I can think of are the German war planes Messerschmitz - certainly feels like someone is shooting at ya. lol

    Let us know how she's doing! Sure hope its not PCOS -

    Did your symptoms go away after hysterectomy?
    Did you have any weight gain, then loose after?

    Just curious.