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My 13-year old son was doing jumping stunts on the stairs again and broke his ankle. He didn't have one of his shoes tied and sort of fell out of his shoe. When the doctor prescribed pain pills, I explained that my son was born addicted to cocaine and has a genetic predisposition to drug addiction. The doctor didn't seem concerned and said he won't refill it. He explained that after a few days, he can just take Advil. Do I let him have pain pills? I don't want him to be miserable. I've had a broken ankle, so I know how hard the first two nights are. Ice and Advil aren't going to do the job those first two nights. I feel like such a mean mom. He's telling me one minute that it doesn't hurt that much. The next minute he's gnashing his teeth and sweating. My husband is out of town and said to go ahead and let him have half a pain pill the first two nights, then flush the rest. But, what if that sets off his addiction? As some of you know, his biological mom is a cocaine addicted prostitute. He was born addicted.

Thanks for your advice. I wish the doctor had taken my concerns more seriously. I guess he thought I was over reacting and overprotective. Maybe I am.


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One of my kids had the same exact history. He never had any reason to take narcotics, but I understand your fear. I think I would possibly hold off unless he was obviously really suffering. Then, knowing me, I would probably try Narpraxene first.
This is so hard. I hope you find a good answer...I would have really been sweating. I am sorry you are in this difficult situation.


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I would not give them to him. I had foot surgery a few years ago and only took Tylenol with codeine which I hid from my son who has been abusing drugs for a while. I just didn't want anything stronger than that within 100 feet of him!

Good luck.


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I would be iffy even about codeine. That can also be abused.
I had major surgery and asked for only narproxen because I hallucinate even on codeine. I did okay. I would start with little and upgrade if needed. And only if he were suffering. Our kids, addicted at birth, have that addiction in is so hard.


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At 11:00 last night I gave him two Aleve which he threw up. So, then I gave him two Tylenol PM with a milk shake which he kept down. He fell asleep but woke up at 4:00 in pain like you can't believe. I gave him two more Tylenol PM and he fell asleep again until 8 a.m. He says it doesn't hurt now. Everything always feels worse at night. He has to go to an orthopedic doctor Monday for a new cast. From my own personal experience, the pain will be much easier by then. We just have to figure out how to keep him busy all weekend. He doesn't handle boredom very well. When he lays around watching TV or doing nothing, he gets depressed and has anxiety attacks. When I had a broken ankle, lying still was the only thing I could do for two weeks. He's using his crutches well, but a broken bone heals faster if the person lies still. I didn't do that and my fracture took two months longer to heal than it should have.


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Fractures heal better with adequate pain relief. You are not going to turn your son into an addict by giving him a couple of doses of narcotics to ease the pain of one of the more painful fractures a person can suffer. Also, moderate weight bearing, as allowed by treatment team, actually helps fractures to heal and helps correct bone remodeling as healing progresses. Follow the instructions of his treatment team.

Be aware the "Tylenol" (acetaminophen) is a potent liver toxin.

in my opinion, it is cruel to deny adequate pain relief to a person because of their family history, especially a child.

Please, if he is in pain to the point that the pain is interfering with his sleep, allow him to have a small dose of the narcotics. Sleep is very important to healing, as well.

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