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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Nov 21, 2008.

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    So, i'm not going to get excited because i feel like everytime someone or something happens regarding a job for me it falls through. Macy's didn't happen difficult child's sitter cancelled, plus I was feeling horrible. Than the respite job didn't happen.

    There is a parent advocate position opened, my Therapist actually works there, in this office. She text me yesterday and told me the spot you wanted is now OPEN! So, i text her back and said i'm soo not going to get excited this time around!

    She said Jen you'd be great for the job, i'll put a good word in. So, she suggested I do a cover letter with-resume and fax directly to this woman's office. So, I did, i wrote a whole long thing, we all know how I can run on and on. I tried to watch my grammar, i did spell check and even used periods!!! LOL

    So, I sent it this morning. I am keeping my fingers crossed, meanwhile I'm awaiting my certification through bar for the guardian work I want to begin doing as well. I know this problem isn't the best time, with my strange health issues lately yet I love being home for difficult child, yet I miss work so so much. My days mesh into the next, I soo want to work again. Yet if i can find a job where i can be home by the time she gets out of school that would be perfect and my goal right now.

    So, here's hoping. My therapist and I have become friends, I know that's kinda weird. Yet we stopped sessions a mos. ago now. I felt as though she gave me the tools I needed to cope with me, my life, figuring out my old issues. It was a tough, tough year of therapy wow. Yet I told her I think I want to begin relying on me and well you guys!! LOL for my answers and solutions and learn to depend on me again the way I used to. I still have alot of growing and learning to do, hopefully i'll never stop growing. yet I needed to get in control of my life again and feel that i could do it on my own again.

    So, it's been a mos. i didn't call her, or text. She'll text on occassion just to say hi and see how i am yet that's it. I haven't shared or gone to her for anything. We're actually getting together for coffee on sunday she said she feels out of the "loop" now with my life LOL.

    I just hope some job comes through soon, and also the right job. I feel this incredible need to give back on some level. I have learned and continue to learn so very much from everyone here. It's also kept me grounded while going through all my stuff. When I think of where difficult child and i were a year ago and where we are now my head spins.

    :) i hope everyone's night is a good one
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    Thanks, how are you doing???
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    I am doing fine.

    Seems my daughter may hate me but she stills calls home for directions. :D

    She is 3 hours away wanting to know how to get from the mall she is at to the nearby Target. She had a horrid time getting out of mall parking lot and then missed the exit to Snelling ("Mom, it looked like a freeway and was scary!" "Yes easy child, it does look like a freeway at that point.") but I got her there going the back roads. She would have had to merge into the left lane very quickly so the back roads were safest anyway.

    At one point she got frustrated with me and asked for her dad. I said, "He is downstairs and I am not taking the phone to him. Just follow my directions!"

    It ended up being a Super Target so she is happy! Shop Shop Shop!
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    LOL, that's cute. She could def benefit from a gps system :)

    I got one last year for xmas i absolutey love it! I get lost constantly i'm so so bad with-directions. I'm a right or left type of person. North, South, East West totally escape me!!!
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    I actually worked with 2nd graders today on following directions. I gave them each a blank piece of paper and described what I wanted them to put on it and where (On top right corner, write your name - in the middle of the page draw a flower, ect.). We then compared pictures (I have 3 kids) to see if we all heard and followed the same directions. One girl misunderstood my last direction but I explained to the others it was because I wasn't clear enough. She heard the same direction but because I didn't clarify it, she applied it to a different area.

    We then went over North, South, East, and West.
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    Good luck with the job. I like those hours! Hugs xo ML
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    ML, Thanks!!!!!! :)

    Yea, here's hoping!!! I wanna work, I wanna work!! LOL
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    I worked as a parent advocate for three years and left recently when the funding for my position dried up. I was with a non profit and the positions were grant funded.

    It was a super rewarding job; I felt like I was really making a difference. My particular position spanned day and evening hours and sometimes felt more like a full time position than a part time one.

    Being a parent advocate can be a wonderful opportunity to put your real life experience to work for you.

    Good luck!
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    I'm keeping my fingers crossed you get the job!!! WFEN
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    Andy - I should of been in your class today! LOL :)

    Chris - Really? This position is also not for profit agency and position is funded by a grant. their so hard to get into around here, whomever is there is locked down. That's why this opening was so odd. So, do you miss it?? I've learned so little in the grand scheme of things, I'd just like to be able to give it to some hospitals and doctors LOL. Maybe they should think twice before interviewing me :)

    WFEN - THanks!! :)
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    Being an advocate was a job that I will always look back on with pride. I miss being able to make an active daily contribution in the field, altho children and families will always have a place in my heart.

    If you'd like to yak about this a little, there's always im.......
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    hi chris,

    thanks, i got your pm and responded :)
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    Sending positive thoughts and crossing all body parts!
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    Thanks, LOL :)