Parent/Teacher Conference and difficult child.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LittleDudesMom, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Those of you who have been around here for the last six years understand how serious difficult child's condition was when I first arrived. We are talking raging almost daily, throwing chairs, clearing desks, threatening to harm himself, teacher's clearing the students out of the classroom pronto, almost daily calls to come and pick him up, etc....

    So, since I'm working the book fair at his school during parent/teacher conference days, I asked his team leader to schedule the conference during his team's planning period. So, I met with his four core teachers, History, Math, English, and Science, on Tuesday at 10.

    This is the first time in my son's education that I have heard not one negative word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the words I heard, "focused", "good group partner", "did great on public speaking project", "always follows directions", "never have to speak to him", "is a pleasre in the classroom", "I know it's a great day if I get a smile"!!!!!

    He brought one B to an A, and a C up to a B! But really, it's not the grades that matter to me, although he is pretty darn proud of himself. I just want him to be emotionally and physically healthy and happy to go through life. I think we are slowly getting there.

    Now, don't get me wrong. He's still a difficult child. He still has extreme social issues. He is just maturing to where he is getting a handle on himself. Holding to those consequences and expectations years ago just may be paying off. Additionally, the calming techniques and the ability to recognize his building frustration/anxiety that his therapist has worked with him on is part of that picture as well.

    I'm sure you guys understand how meaningful it is to go into a difficult child teacher meeting with that "pit-in-the-stomach" feeling but instead walk out with a smile.

    Now, only issue is are they now going to consider tapering or removing his 1:1????!!!!! I'll think about that tomorrow!!

    Thanks for listening.

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    Wow-what a great conference! I bet you couldn't stop smiling all night long!! It's great to hear that he is doing so well-you have every reason to be super proud!!

    Congrats to difficult child!:bravo:
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    This board auntie is proud of your difficult child! :bravo:

    Give him a big board hug from me. Sharon, I know that feeling but have yet to leave a conference with the glowing reports. It will come though.

    Congrats to you & difficult child.
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    Way To Go difficult child!!!

    Way To Go warriormom!!
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    How wonderful. It is great to hear of his success. I would be a proud mom, as well! :D
  6. klmno

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    What a great report!! Congratulations to you for sticking with it and a pat on the back for him for doing his part!! It gives me hope to know that some of these kids really do improve!

    And I agree-being able to go thru life as a well-adjusted person is far more important than straight A's.
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    WOW!!! That is wonderful. HUGE for him. He must be just as proud of himself as you are of him. Congrats to the scholar and his proud mommy! :)
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    How incredible for difficult child! And how wonderful for you, too.

    You are such a great mom! He couldn't have done it without you!
  9. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    What a wonderful report! He has come a loooong way, and much credit goes to his Warrior Mom for taking the steps to help him get where he is today! :D

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    Thanks friends! I was talking to the head guidance counselor at his school yesterday during a lull at the book fair. We were just talking about stuff in general. These are the times you build the relationships that can serve you well later!!

    Anyway, we were talking and then difficult child came up. I told her that the attendance secretary told me the other day that difficult child came in that morning and she, as usual, said, "good morning difficult child". Usually difficult child just nods his head or mumbles under his breath. She said he actually started a conversation with her that included eye contact!!

    I told Ms. Y that hearing that kind of story is like watching your child walk across the stage and receive and award. I know you all understand.

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    Sharon, that's WONDERFUL!!!! OMG, you really have come a long way.
    This is such a hopeful note.
    Yes, there is hope for our g'sfg. Hugs to both of you!!!!
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    That is great! Compassion
  13. maril

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    Good news about others' difficult children makes my day. That is what it is all about!