Parents of Estranged Adult Children: Healing and Help


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This is one of the awesome sites I visited, along with this one, when I was being rejected or feeling rejected. I hope to share as sites such as CD and this one helped me to a good place. It also let me know it was not uncommon nor at all about me, my parenting, the abuse t he kids tell us we did, or that most parents have no idea why they are estranged or being abused.

I may add as a a disclaimer that this alone didn't help me. I also went to a crackshot psychologist who only saw adopted kids/families and he gave me tons of insight in MY situation. So extra therapy also helps. To whatever your situation may be...drug abuse, adoption issues with grown kids, personality disorders, kids in jail, etc. There is some therapist out there who specializes in THAT issue and knows more about it than other ones. If I hadn't found THIS psychologist, I don't think I could have understood Goneboy's situation so clearly and maybe would not have still loved him and wished him well. In the meantime, try t he boards and stay here too as we are all mothers here who are walking or who have walked the walk...and some even ended up on the other side!!! I don't mean to chase mothers to other sites, but more than one site can't hurt. We can use all the support and two cents and viewpoints that we can get, right? ;)

Between all of these resources, I am at peace that I did not bring a child to this country at six years old to abuse him, no matter what he has said in the past, and that I truly have enough loved ones and don't need his wrongful thinking in my life. I have decided t hat both of us are better off estranged because we will never see eye to eye in this issue. I know I was a good parent. He (and his toxic to me wife who doesn't even know me) think otherwise and that I was SO BAD I am never to talk to them again. So be it. I agree. We won't. I am also aware that I am lucky t hat I have more than one child. I realize how heartbreaking it must be for an only child to do this to a parent. My heart BLEEDS for those people.

I hope this helps some on this Mothers Day weekend. I know it can be a tough one while things are chaotic and big hugs to all who suffer. My heart is with you. We are all with you.
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