Party Poopers?

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Well a little birdie said difficult child was out at a large underage party in a bad apartment complex. So, one friend got advice from an offduty officer on how to get cops out there. Another friend (difficult child doesn't know) picks me up. I get in back seat. We head out there to observe underage drinking so she can call cops as suggested.

    I still haven't slept. Threatening to sing "Goodbye Earl" but with name of difficult child's enabler. We find party. Call. Three cop cars come. The kids have lookouts. Scatter to the wind. Cops leave. Kids return.

    I gotta find my pal a party pooper tshirt.

    Silver lining. Her sister helped me get difficult child's car far away this afternoon. On drive back, she shared her 25 year old was in jail for not paying 2nd DUI. Only sister knew til me. Kindof felt like God was putting us together.

    difficult child texting me. Polite. In control. Hmmmm. Told him I won't turn his cell off if he texted me daily.
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    I am glad you got the car back. Why r u leaving the cell phone on? I know u want to be able to know that he is still alive, but having cell phone access also allows access to more parties, more alcohol, more trouble. Just a thought. You set the ground rules, but will u be able to follow through with cutting it off when he fails to contact you?
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    I want a tee shirt too!! Our local pd has an anonymous tip line & I tipped them off to a party I saw on FB 2 weeks ago -- difficult child's girlfriend was attending and I assume difficult child went as well. Event description was pretty telling-I sent the link to the pd-"a Kegger for Joe's 21st--bring your own party treats." Ummmm

    I waited to tip until 10pm and saw the fallout on twitter and FB the next morning. Quite a few "got an underage drinking citation and a parking ticket ...FU *****PD". So - at the least - I stopped a few drinker/drivers.

    On a side note-easy child was late that night and I thought OH NO-panicking that he attended too! But he didn't -just kissing his girlfriend in the driveway too long LOL
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    I'm glad that you were able to get difficult child's car far away from him. Great job stopping (or at least slowing down) the underage drinking last night. Now try to get some rest today. HUGS...