Patience Acceptance and Detatchment

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by compassion, Jan 8, 2009.

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    Day 53!!!! No running/illegal substances.

    It is taking a lot of patience. The transition back to "real Life" is challenging for difficult child. There is competitive volleyball which was 2 hours last night. She was sore!! Academics: it can be boring and frustraintg for her, espiecally with language. i know that, I break it down the best I ca. There was a meltdown this afternoon when I asked her to do stuff herself rather than me do as much. It is a balance. i am trying to have her do as much as possible without her becoming totally overwhelmed.
    The balnce of the freinds stuff. She is always, always dong so much more than I qouls choose she do: does not allow herself sown time . She is spending night at E's tonight and then going to class with E tomorrow. I wanted her to do her Humane Society stuff. Anywy, I was flexible. It requires so much flexibility and patience.
    She wants to spend night at someone's i am not totall comfortabl with. Actually, I am OK with it: the boundaries I am putting in are I have to talk to an adult and/or yu every two hours.
    I worked out schedule with her and it is very busy but she needs that. Compassion
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    Congrats on day 53!!! That truly is wonderful progress. I can only imagine how much patience it takes to deal with her and how much patience it takes for her to handle daily life. Kudo's to both of you!!

    I think you allowing her to spend the night out is good. Give her a little bit of freedom, she deserves it. She has earned it. You are right to be cautious. You are right to speak to a parent in the house. It's wonderful that she is playing volleyball. Gives her something to focus on.

    Good job Mom! :)
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    congratulations on day 53!! You must be so proud and so so tired. how are you feeling by the way??