Patriots Day tomorrow - 10th Anniversary of 9/11

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    I started watching a video of ground zero tonight and the rebuilding. It seems so sureal to me as an American, as a human, as a citizen of Planet Earth. Makes my eyes well up still.

    I will never forget. The United States may not be perfect, but I'll never forget how people treated each other the day after the towers fell, the pentagon was attacked and the tragic news of the brave people on that flight in the field in Pennsylvania united us. I barely see a sticker or a reminder these days - Not much unites the world like a tragedy - that's a shame.

    I use Patriots Day to renew the American Flag Sticker on my vehicles. Anyone else do anything special?

    *Thanks to Marg I changed the Title to Reflect the 9th anniversary. (thanks Marg) I had posted 10th. I am sorry for that mistake. :(
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    It's the 9th anniversary. We're also coming up to the 10th anniversary of the Sydney Olympics, they are organising a volunteers reunion next Wednesday for it. That's how I'm so sure that 9/11 was 9 years ago, not 10. Despite Sydney being in the middle of Olympic fever, we would have noticed, and it would have had a huge impact on the Olympics.

    It's been in our news a lot too in Australia, including a few other issues which I will not dignify by giving them any more publicity.

    It's weird when I think of the date - for us, it happened on the 12th of September. Just after midnight. I woke on 12 September to the news. Those who were late to bed and saw it on the news, got no sleep that night. It was simply awful, even from where we were on the other side of the world.

    We've had a few TV shows on recently which are discussing the events of that day in more detail than I've seen before. Very sad, but very informative.

    Perhaps the best lessons we can learn from this, is to love one another and share that love, no matter what the differences are between us. This awful act was perpetrated by a very small number of radical extremists. The majority of the religion they claimed to represent were appalled and have been more hurt by these acts, than helped in any way. We need to reach out to one another more, rather than let fear control us. Once we let fear control our actions, we allow those (*JB(*_HJPIs to win.

    Love one another. Even the oddballs. Hey, we do it already, us here on this site!

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    I am one of the many people who grew up going thru drills at school for nuclear bomb attacks and served in the military during the cold war when we worried about getting bombed. My officer that helped me get into treatment and believed in me and stayed on my butt to get my life turned around- I also should mention that part of difficult child's name was chosen to honor this man- was transferred to the pentagon. He had long since retired by the time 9/11 occurred but I drove by there months after the attack, when it was still boarded up. I can't begin to tell you the thoughts that went thru my mind.

    I love the essence of my country and what it stands for and am more than proud of all who have served it. I hope the citizens who didn't grow up hearing stories about forefathers fighting for our freedom and rights, those who don't understand the importance of placing responsible votes not just a voting for another buck in one's own pocket, and those who never stop to think about what is in the best interest of ALL our people, someday wake up and see how lucky we are and stop taking it for granted.

    To those who get this already- remember, our flag is still there!
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    "We are all Americans."
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    I will never forget that day. I remember I was sitting in my living room and my computer was on the kitchen table and as I was watching it happen on TV, I jumped online here and posted. Within minutes the thread was pages long as we all were in shock and disbelief.

    It was so odd because the sky was so clear and blue that day but the world almost stood still. It was almost as if you could hear a pin drop everywhere. No one talked loudly. There were hardly any cars on the interstate. I remember looking up at the sky and there were no planes. And then...all I saw a day or two later were the military planes from Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base.

    My mom, who had alzheimers, thought it was WWII.
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    What did it teach me, i just dont' know. I remember it well, was in truck with-difficult child in her carseat was just coming back from store after dropping easy child at school. we lived close to the city than and we had perfect view of the twin towers.

    difficult child said look mommy that planes' going to hit the building. we watched it hit, drove home really fast turned t.v. on and saw what was going on. ran to get easy child out of school, they were sending all the kids home. spent day with-my parents trying to find ex h, he worked in the city and waiting to see neighbors and friends of ours who worked in the twin towers.

    One made it home, (my friend who just passed away) she was covered in dirt, was in total shock. our other friend wasnt' found till days later. the two of them were meeting up for a cig. outside the bldg. at their usual coffee break time. Lisa who passed ran late that day. she has two children, of which we have not seen. they now live with-their father.

    it's just one of those things that it doesnt' matter how long since the attack it'll never make sense.

    prayers to all those who are without their loved ones and the children with whom lost parents.