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    For the past three days (sounds absurd) but I can't get your daughter out of my head. Any updates? Just wanted to let you know she's getting extra prayers - I don't know what it means in my head, but I'm thinking of you and her. Hoping all is well.

    Hugs & Love
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    Bump.....still thinking of you
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Has anyone talked to Patriots Girl?????
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    I think she hangs out more over on the Sub abuse board star.
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    She posted on FB yesterday. She must just be super busy. How is the voting going for handsome Casper Star ?
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    You are SO sweet!!! Thank you for thinking and praying for her. I have been crazy busy with work and try to pop in here as often as a I can, but I don't get to post too often. Post and runs seem to be what I am able to fit in these days. I did read about your new job and holy moly is that so unbelievably awesome!!! I am beyond ecstatic for you and I pray you win that case girlfriend!!!

    difficult child is working for my friend's landscaping company though she hasn't had a chance to really start work, yet. Last night her boss, my friend, brought difficult child to the emergency room for a brown recluse spider bite. The wound looks pretty bad and difficult child was admitted. I will be going to visit her later today with my, hopefully, she will heal quickly and be able to start work and begin to build a normal life for herself. Hopefully. Thank you for the prayers - we need every single one we can get!!
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    I had a brown recluse bite a few years back. It was a painful and ugly mess and left a huge scar. And yes I had medical help. I was supposed to go back for wound rivision surgery but never bothered. It is on my sholder and shaped like a heart but it was no love bite that is for sure. I hope you daughter is ok. -RM
  8. Star*

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    WERID.......but I'm glad someone was there to help her.....she's really been in my head like (RIGHT HERE) makes face to hand gesture.......and it's made me crazy. THANKS for letting me know what is up.

    Dude got bitten by a recluse as a baby. He got it on the inner thigh, and it left a mark - but we got it in time to not cause horrible damage. He was in his sand box outside. After that? Every single toy got picked up and the sand got raked NIGHTLY and DAILY. They told him in the hospital he ws going to be the next SPIDERMAN - lol. He just has a small scar last time I asked to see it - years ago.

    Let us know how she's doing -
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    Unfortunately, hers is an open wound - ugly. I posted a picture of it on Facebook. Unsure if I can upload a picture here. I did receive some horrible news today after my post, though. Apparently, difficult child has track marks on both arms. I have not seen her yet - I am going up there later today, but my friend said one of her arms is bruised and difficult child tried saying she walked into a door. As if anyone would believe that crock. I am not sure how I am going to handle seeing her. The mommy in me wants to scoop her up and never let her go and the warrior mom in me wants to smack her upside the head - HARD... :/ I think I do plan on telling her in the hospital that I will support her a hundred percent if she stays with my friend, works and makes a life for herself away from drugs. I want time with my daughter. BUT, I cannot watch her kill herself and if that is what she is going to choose to do, then I have to continue my life away from hers. :(
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    Before you go? Pat - Call Narcotics Anonymous or go to a meeting -------and TALK to the people that are recovering and WHAT THEY NEEDED to hear - that made a difference in their lives. I went to Alanon, and AA when my x was using rehab like a spin dry - in out, in was a joke to him. Then I started going to Narcanon, and Cocaine anonymous and got WAY more out of sitting with addicts that were recovering and the flat truth about what saved them than I ever got about sitting in a room full or parents, wives, husbands and others who had no clue how to cope with their loved ones.....For me (just sayin) I got more information on a one to one basis and more NO BS - this is what did it for me - idea of how to go at my X with all his addictions.

    Sometimes I HATE my feelings about kids here......I'm so sorry. We're here for you.
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    Unfortunately, it gets worse. She was kicked out of the hospital for treating the nurses badly. And she is blaming them, saying they were racist (apparently they were black) and threw her out. They even called security to discharge her. Nice. She called the A hole to pick her up even though I offered to go get her and fill her prescriptions. I am just watching this massive spiral and there is nothing, not a thing I can do about it. That is some intuition you had Star!! You had a feeling something was going on before I even knew anything...

    I agree. I do need to find an NA meeting. I think that would be far more helpful than the family meetings...
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    Star* call 911

    Hon - I am so, so soooooo sorry. I know its not a huge comfort - but she's been getting a lot of extra prayers from the D.A. Ranch. I'll ask for a little common sense in with everything else. Sigh - And some healing and peace for your heart. Grab yourself a serenity prayer. Hang on - and give yourself a big old hug.....Prayers going out.
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    Unfortunately I am all too familiar with the getting kicked out of the hospital situation. Oldest used to be HORRIBLE to the nurses. When she was in pediatrics, they tolerated it, I think becuase they had to, although occasionally they'd call security to deal with her. I hated hearing that "Code Hercules" over the hospitals PA system. Once she was an adult and had the legal ability to sign out AMA ("against medical advice"), she signed herself out or was "kicked out" a few times. I got calls from nurses or social workers asking me to pick her up.. it was so embarrasssing. I eventually started refusing to go get her, and told them to either give her a cab voucher or call DSS or mental health to deal with her. Ugh, I haven't thought about those days in a long time. It was incredibly stressful.

    I'm sorry. Just wanted you to know that I "get it." Hope you find a good meeting that helps you through this.

    Edit: just thought of something else . We eventually figured out that certain medications made Oldest's behavior worse: namely high doses of Demarol, as well as Versed (given before surgery). Both made her a total, irrational B. The more she got, the nastier she became. It's possible something similar contributed to your difficult child's behavior .. although of course it doesn't help much at this point.