Patting myself on the back!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KFld, Apr 19, 2011.

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    I got a text from difficult child last night. He was at work and wanted to know if there was any way I could pay his hotel for just one night? He is working full time, his girlfriend supposedly has gotten a lot more hours and cross training to work in two different departments, so should be getting a decent paycheck. He doesn't get paid until tonight and had some story about girlfriend lending her mother money last week and hasn't paid it back yet. I'm sure difficult child probably spent money on another car part because he's always dumping money into his car.

    I told him I am going to buy tires for my car today, which will take all the extra money I have and that I can't pay it. He said he'll have to ask the hotel to let him pay for tonight tomorrow when he gets paid. I said, o.k. goodnight!

    I almost asked where his money went, why he was short to pay his hotel when that is the only bill they have, etc. etc. etc., but I kept my mouth shut and my questions and opinions to myself.

    Like the alanon saying goes "hands off"

    Not my problem, not my business what he spent it on. He needs to learn how to budget to pay for his hotel, or sleep in his car a night or too until he figures it out.
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    I am SO proud of you!

    pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat,.......
    pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat........
    standing ovation.....WOW....standing ovation
    wolf whistle..:ghoul:...WOW................:bravo:

    WOoooo hoooooooo! :choir:singing your praises.


    YOU light up my life!! :christmaslights:
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    And the best part was that I went to bed and slept great. There was a time that would have kept me up all night worrying about how he was going to pay for it, if they were going to tell him to move out for a night....but, I slept like a baby.

    He hasn't asked me for money since he moved into the hotel, except for the money my boyfriend and I willingly paid to fix his car, which I'm still trying to pay off as I had to charge it, but besides that it's been nice having all this extra money in my paycheck every week because I'm not spending it on anyone but myself lately :) I'm amazed how much I have left over when I'm only paying my own bills.
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    YOU GO GIRL!!! :bravo::beautifulthing::bigsmile::bravo::yes:
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    Well done...especially the part about not asking about the money!
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    Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Wow Karen, good job. It's amazing how they always find a way to come up with money, food, etc when we say no.

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    You're good girl! DDD
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    Way To Go GIRL !!!!!:bravo:
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    Awesome! You are my role model! :wine:
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    Good job!!!
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    Good for you Karen. I know how hard that is, I go back and forth with that.
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    YEAH YOU! Awesome!
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    You go girl!!!!