Payback's a joke...

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    Otherwise, EG (enabling Grandma or evil grandma) would be covered in boils or worse!

    How can a person casue so much pain and misery and have nothing come back on them??

    Up until EG took difficult child-S, difficult child-A was her golden child. She always told him that he could do whatever he wanted. No one had the right to tell him no. That no matter what, everything would work out for him, she'd see to it.'s all "you deserve what you get", "you're a loser"...etc...

    difficult child-A is confused and really hurting over all of this. He doesn't understand why EG has turned on him. So now, difficult child-A is coming to me, the evil step-mom, seeking help and understanding. It's so hard seeing him in all this pain.

    I'm so angry at EG and hurt so bad for difficult child-A. He's got a very hard road ahead of him, and it's a journey he'll have to make on his own. I'll be on the side-lines cheering him all the way, but it is still his journey.

    He's dropped out of school again. I'm trying to talk him into getting his GED. I told him I'd pay for the test and stuff, but he needs to go find the info and set things up. I told him if I did it for him, he wouldn't appreciate it as much as if he did it himself. I just hope he listens.

    His Uncle told him that if he got his GED, he'd set him up at his job. It's over an hour away from EG. Or there is the option of the military. Either way, difficult child-A would be away from EG and the rest of this dysfunctional family and I think it would be good for him.

    I feel like I've been "slimed" by EG all over again. I'm covered with this gooey-sticky ick that just won't wash off. Even though I haven't seen this woman since August, she's still able to gunk up my life. I feel like payback is dumping on me and letting her have a golden pass. It just plain stinks!

    Thanks for letting me vent.
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    Sigh. Sometimes people just seem to skate by unscathed. I do think eventually they will get their comeuppance. At some point those kids are going to catch on to what she has really done to them and they will get angry. It does no one any good to be spoiled rotten and never taught life skills. Once they figure out later in life that they may have been happy then but they ended up paying for it later, they are going to be darned ticked!

    They are going to remember that you and husband tried to help them and that EG was the problem. Until then all you can do is pray nothing really bad happens to them.

    Hugs. I know its hard. I watched my mom try to ruin my oldest son. She actually wanted him to quit school in the 12th grade so he would end up tied to her. As if I would let that happen!
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    It's a hard thing to understand in this life...because we want satisfaction where we can see it, we're hardwired for such things. But after all my years of therapy and after what my x did to me? I can tell you this: When I stopped allowing my x to have any control (even with wanting revenge over him) in my life? I was more at peace knowing that someday, not on my terms, but someday there WOULD be retribution for those things that he did and thought he got away with by someone who could REALLY REALLY dish out a more severe punishment than I EVER could for an eternally LONGER time than I ever could and while he was serving his punishment? I would be skipping on streets of gold, eating ice cream and brownies that wouldn't add a pound to my butt?

    Yeah......I could let that go.

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    I'm a firm believer in karma. Sometimes one must have patience because it can take a while.

    You know, like............. imagine nursing home with no visitors, no one to look out for you.........probably what is in store for EG in the not so distant future. Because these people drive others away from them....and when they go, it's usually permanent.

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    Or.....Maybe people like the end laying there, unable to move, get up, walk, go to the bathroom on her own, feel rain on her face, feed herself, hug anyone, pet a dog or a cat, she'll have people surrounding her with scads and scads and scads of love, hugs, appreciations, flowers, joy, warmth, and genuine care - So much that in the last few days of her life she REALLY knows what love is, how people are supposed to treat each other AND what a pathetic waste she made of the gift she was given for the last 80 years. THAT is seeing the light that should have shown on you your whole life.
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    In that we strive to be sensitive to matters concerning religion, and we certainly wouldn't want to offend anyone of any religion, I would ask that Karma not be used unless in reference to Hinduism & Buddhism. While most of us may use it interchangeably with fate or destiny, some others might take offense and we wouldn't want that.

    So, it is with my greatest hope that everyone can understand why I am asking this.

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    Truly sorry if I offended anyone. I will refrain from using the word "karma" when I mean fate, destiny, universal justice or anything like that. Believe me, my intentions were not to offend. I just needed to vent my frustrations at how unfair things seems at that moment.

    But, then, it came down more towards how I was feeling at that moment than anything else. I'm been extremely moody and over-sensitive lately. Think it might have a lot to do with husband (my biggest support system) still being so far away.

    When I look at the bigger picture, EG is already reaping her rewards. Her 3 sons call her....out of obligation. I've been present when they've discussed who's turn it was to call her. And my easy child calls me 3-5 times a week just to chat. husband calls my Mom and Dad at least twice a week just to chat. So, she's already getting hers. Her own children don't want to talk to her just to chat. They only talk when they feel they need to. So, I guess there is fairness in the universe after all.