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    easy child was hovering around Craig's list, cheap cycle and freecycle while attempting to find the teeny kitten she rescued a forever family and noticed just how desperate conditions are in this area. I dunno if she just thought I was exaggerating or what.......but it inspired her for this year's project.

    Each floor in the hospital where she works takes on a needy family for xmas......and the employees buy them gifts.

    But easy child has been trying to think of something to help teach Darrin and Aubrey that xmas isn't just presents and Santa.......

    So she put an ad on Craig's List. She offered to help one family in need with xmas dinner and presents for their kids.:D

    99 percent of her responses were from people thanking her for offering to do something so nice for someone.

    One woman responded to her add that was in need. Her husband has been out of work for more than a year. Unemployment has run out. He's working a small amount of hours at Lowe's, under 20 hrs a week and it's been the only job he was able to land. They have only one car......so it's difficult for the wife to work since the husbands hours change. The woman's parent's have been helping them out with bills.......and they're about to lose everything. She offered to let easy child see the paystubs ect and speak with her parents so she'd know she wasn't trying to take advantage. But she's never been "poor" before........and they're desperate. She's sold most of their valuables.....and until she saw easy child's offer was about to tell her 9, 6, 4, and 2 yr old that there was no Santa cuz she couldn't figure out anyway for them to do xmas. Because since they've helped them, her parents extra funds are now running low as well.:(

    easy child has lists of what the kids really really want Santa to bring and some things the kids really need. And after pumping me for information....she guided this woman to Toy's for Tots and some other services which ought to make the squeeze on this family a little less desperate.

    easy child's project has now become a family project. easy child is ordering them xmas dinner thru angelfood ministries.......and we're going to fill it in some ourselves before we take it to them. Toys for Tots......well.......I see their collection bins everywhere I look this year......but I sure don't see any toys in them.....anywhere. So we're all getting to gether to help get the kids some of the things they wanted. Nothing really expensive, but yeah.

    easy child had considered just giving to Toy's for Tots. But she figured this would be a good way to show Darrin and Aubrey that xmas is really about the giving.....not necessarily about what you get.

    And the couple we're helping.....are relieved they don't have to tell their little one's that Santa isn't real.

    I'm also hoping for those who can.......the idea will catch on. There are sooooo many families out there this year that are in desperate situations.
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    Years ago, my brother and sisters and I started doing this instead of buying gifts for each other. We have continued this tradition for the past 10 years. This year, I'm getting my 3 to join in with me and do our own family. They are old enough now to start giving back. They have everything they need. It is a great feeling to help someone who needs the help.
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    For many years husband would take off his toque and Marriott chef's tunic and replace it with a chili pepper print apron.

    He'd go down and run the kitchens for charities, do the actual cooking, all of that. Some of the time he did it on no sleep. he'd come home from his regular job, grab a shower and change clothes and wind up wearing sneakers down to the kitchens because his feet were so swollen he couldn't get his work shoes back on.
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    That is a great idea!! I hope it catches on, too! If I have a job before then, maybe I could do something. I miss the days when difficult child and I used to collect food for the food bank and shop for someone off the angel tree.