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I too live on a very fixed income. What I did to prove the intensity of my difficult child's rages was to go and buy a small hand-held tape recorder. Granted, they couldn't get the visual of the rage, but they could HEAR what was going on during one. I would carry it with me at all times (it would fit in my pockets) and as soon as he would start to go into one (soon as I saw him heading for one), I would hit record. They aren't real expensive and you can buy them at a K-mart, Wal-Mart, etc.

As for charting, get a 3-ring notebook and just basically keep track of his moods. I can give you a url of a sample if you give me a lil while to track it down.


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OK thanks for the idea

I guess my question now is how on earth to I chart his moods? They change rapidly and constantly. So do I chart the overall mood for the morning? Or do I do specific charting? Like this am (NOT! He got up at 12:30) he was happy and clingy, 3 hours after he got up he was angry, kicking, hitting, hurting, 2 hours later he was very teary about everything now he is pissed off and breaking everything and has walked out. I guess I need some direction on this. Sorry

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Saturday May 20

Woke up @ 12:30 pm
Mood generally happy and somewhat clingy.

3:30 pm
Angry - angry, kicking (what,who?), hitting (what, who?), hurting (specifics?)

5:30 pm
Depressed - teary eyed (about what if he said?)

Angry - "pissed off", breaking things (specifics?)

This is how I did it before I knew how to do it, LOL. But you want to be as specific about it as you can, if they are crying why are they crying if they can tell you, if they are breaking things, what set them off if you know (frustration level, didn't get own way, etc), if they hit someone, who did they hit and why (had a toy they wanted, etc). See what I'm saying?


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OH OK!! I see, escentially just chart every mood change and any noted contributing factor. Right?! Anything else I need to be documenting?
God Bless You Peanut & everyone =)