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    It has now been suggested by multiple people that I take my son to a pediatric neuropsychologists can anyone give me a bit more info on that process. Or what exactly they do during an appointment.
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    Sometimes you would need a referral from your pediatrician, othertimes you may be able to schedule directly so check with your insurance on that.

    Typically you would fill out a good deal of advance paperwork so the diagnostician can get a feel for where to go with the process. Sometimes forms will also be sent to teachers to fill out.

    First appointments often are with parents only--no children. Ditto with the follow-up after all the testing is finished to go over the findings and recommendations. What happens in between there depends on the age of the child and what kind of testing the np feels is needed, but usually ranges from about 5-14 hours of testing. Sometimes referals are made to other specialists based on the findings.
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    I know that some neuropsychs can take place over several appointments. My son is scheduled for a one day neuropsychologist that is supposed to take from 8-5 with a break from lunch. The intake person told me that they usually are between 6-8 hours where he is getting his done. Evaluation
    Neuropsychological Evaluation

    A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive psychological assessment. It presents a complete "portrait" of the child's strengths and weaknesses. A neuropsychological evaluation tests the following aspects of a child's functioning:

    • Thinking/reasoning
    • Memory/learning
    • Information/processing style
    • Attention/concentration
    • General social/emotional functioning
    From my understanding what happens prior to and at the apt. is that they review the child's previous testing, school and medical records; ask questions about the child's development and medical history; do some psychological, personality, and IQ testing