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    I have an appointment for Jessie to the the pediatrician on Friday. I want a referral to the pediatrician rheumy. After I made the appointment, I called the office that has the ONLY 3 pediatrician rheumys in my STATE.

    The appointment person gave me a list of what the pediatrician will need to send to her - it is a LONG list including the office notes from last 3 office visits (min of 3 visits), lab work (I will have to have this run as it has been awhile), a letter stating why the doctor wants her to see the rheumy, and about 4 other things.

    I am wondering if it would be a good idea to ask MY rheumy about seeing her. I see him in a month. I trust him. I also have that gut feeling something is going on with Jess.

    Any suggestions/ideas to help the rheumys decide to see my girl? Even after all that info is sent in, the docs apparently see very few kids in relation to the number of referrals they get. They can pick and choose simply because they are the only ones.

    I just hate seeing her trying not to cry because she hurts. I spent a heck of a lot of years doing that - and it started at age 14 for me.

    So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Prayers/good thought would also be greatly appreciated!
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    Make certain it's stressed there is a strong family history and that it started for you at a young age as well. Doesn't matter if you think yours and her issues are related. It might get her in the door.

    I'd try the pediatrician ones first. Only because if there is a difference of the diseases with kids they'll be more up to date. (I'm guessing since they specialize that way) But Nichole went to a reg one and she was only 16. I swear it was the most full blown exam she's ever had. He must have checked her for everything under the sun.

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    Hopefully you will get in to see a pediatrician sometime in this century! Definitely the pediatrician is preferable but if you can't get in to see one I think seeing yours is the next best thing.
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    My first reaction is to take Jessie to your rheumy since you have an appointment in a month. Since you already have a good relationship with your doctor, you'll feel comfortable bringing Jessie there. However, I think Daisylover has a good point - A pedi rhuemy might be more up to date on juvenile arthritis and the various treatments for it - It could be possible that the disease presents differently in kids and is treated slightly differently.

    I think I remember you mentioning that you don't need referrals to see specialists. If this is the case, I would take Jessie to see your rheumy next month. At the same time, I would have Jessie's pedi send all the necessary tests, etc. to the pedi rheumy practice and have Jessie put on the waiting list there.

    in my humble opinion, as long as you don't need referrals, it can't hurt to have a pedi rheumy and your rheumy both examine Jessie. After hearing what each of them has to say, you would be able to make an informed decision on which doctor you want to follow Jessie.

    I hope this response makes sense - My mind is a bit "fuzzy" now!

    As always, I'm thinking positive thoughts and keeping you and Jessie in my prayers... WFEN
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    I think - I'd call your rheumy and see what he/she thinks. There maybe juvenille issues that he would not recognize - although you would think that one would be in the know of the other.

    My bosses father is a rheumatologist and he ONLY sees adults.

    But it would be worth a call since your Mommysense is tingling.