Pedophile preying on young girls.

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    Yesterday I got home from work. husband got home and I commented that there were some strange cars parked across the street. My neighbor lost her husband to lung cancer several years ago. She has a teenage daughter and son and husband and I try to help out. He called to check. She was having work done on the house, so the cars were the workers. But, he could tell she was upset.

    She started telling him that her daughter, who just turned 15, had been talking to this guy. The guy tells everyone that he is 18. He looks younger. He lives with his mom. Everything points to him being a teen. He's not. He's 31!!!
    Son had found out that morning. Mom had confirmed. I start to help investigate on computer while she calls cops. Guy has a myspace with age listed at 18. I find four previous cities with addresses, including mine by searching intelius. I fiind his real age---30, turned 31 today. At 9, cops call back. It is a friend of mine. I talk to him. He comes to meet them at my house. On the phone he asks about sex. Mother had been in denial, kept saying she was glad that he didn't have a chance to be alone with girl. I had my doubts, got the girl alone, confirmed and yes, there was sex.

    My friend shows up, interviews girl, comes out. Asks me if I want to tell or have him tell. I do it. Mom is freaking out. I calm her, tell her she's got to be strong for daughter. He has to call deputies because relations took place in county. So, then five deputies come to my house. By now it's 11. They all interview girl while I keep mom calm on front porch and go back and forth to help with computer stuff.

    It turns out he has wooed/inticed at least four girls from my school, possibly more. They bring in vicitm's advocate. They bring in computer crime team.
    I think this is going to just get bigger. This guy is a real number. I saw his DMV photo, he looks really young.

    I have talked to the mother earlier. She thanked me and said she couldn't do this without my support. Victims advocate is setting up medical and counseling.

    But, God, how sick can you get!!!!:sick:
  2. Big Bad Kitty

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    How horrible!

    Thank goodness you were there for this woman. My heart and prayers go out to her. Bless you for being a good neighbor!
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    Wow, I am soooo sorry for what they are all going through. I would be just sick if it were my kid. You are great to get involved to bring help to them.

    I hate to say this about the perp, but he's somebody's difficult child. At least for now, he's off the street.
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    Just sickening. EW, I am just amazed at what a pillar of strength you were in the whole deal! What a friend you are in need.
  5. Oh that just makes me sick! Thank goodness you were there for this woman.
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    How horrible for that family. Glad you were so strong for them.

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    This is so sad. I'm glad you were there for this family and that he hopefully be behind bars. Stuff like this is so scary!
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    How sickening. I absolutely HATE that some people prey on our children.

    They are blessed to have you to help them through this. It will be a long, hard road. I am glad the girl could talk to you. It would have been MUCH worse if it had been a "secret" for a time, then to find she has an STD or pregnancy.

    I will keep your family, your neighbors, and your community in my prayers.
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    This Mom is lucky that she has a friend and neighbor looking out for her kids. As well that you knew what to do and could help getting things done.

    Sad thing is that for everyone they find there are hundreds still out there.

    Can't tell you how many forums I go to where we have young teens join and us older members have to tell them to unlist their ages, to never give out any sort of personal info. Then we "watch over" them while they're there.

    Nichole and I watch out for my best friend's neice. Best friend got her a MySpace account under a false age. Nichole and I monitor it reg. Because her neice is only 12. Her Mom doesn't know how to use a computer and best friend is too far gone with her drug addiction at this point to do it.

    I hope they send this scum away for a very long time.