Peeing in Strange Places??

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    Ok-so I, posted about my 8 year old a couple of weeks ago. He was diagnosed with ADD and depression in 1st grade. I am not sure that is the whole story, but we are working on it. He is very very very defiant and oppositional, can be very inflexible, angry, doesn't like people touching his things, sensitive, has separation anxiety, has trouble falling asleep, very very very forgetful and unorganized, is bright but is has trouble with school work, extremely impulsive, very moody and when he is in one of his "moods" nothing can get him to come out of it until he's ready, very low frustration tolerance....BUT he can be sweet and loving and very funny and thoughtful. He is a kid with many sides to his personality!
    Now-yesterday I went upstairs to his room, and noticed an overwhelming urine odor as I approached the top of the stairs. Thinking it was his toilet (he can never pee completely inside the toilet), I went downstairs to get the cleaning supplies. I began cleaning, and then I noticed pee on the side of the tub. Then I saw pee in the tub. There was also a washcloth in the tub soaked in urine. I thought it was the cat for a split second, but then My son has been known to pee in interesting places in the past (litter box, garbage cans). With that being said-I can count on one hand the times he has peed in strange places. Anyhow-I asked him about it and he admitted it. The only explanation I could get out of him was that he was bored. does anybody have any experience with this???
    Also we went back to the doctor yesterday, and they upped his vyvanse and Zoloft dose (he was on lowest doses). He still has mood swings(though not as severe) and I am not so sure the vyvanse is really helping him focus and concentrate. It is so hard to know what to do-he has only been on these 2 medications for a month. Should I want til school school starts to see how it goes? He is also having trouble sleeping, and is sleepy during the day. Maybe I should give him the Zoloft in the evening?
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    Well... no direct experience with this behavior, but...

    1) sleep problems can cause all sorts of problems even in otherwise 'typical' kids. If he isn't getting top-quality sleep in sufficient quantity every single night... I'd be getting help for the sleep issue.

    2) You wrote: "very inflexible, angry, doesn't like people touching his things, sensitive, has separation anxiety"... well, that really sounds like way more than ADD and depression to me... maybe something on the Autism spectrum? like Aspie or High-Functioning Autism (HFA)?
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    Could you please do a signature so we can refresh our memories? I'm not remembering your son.

    Peeing in odd places can mean many things from urinary tract infection to signs of sexual abuse or attachment disorder. Can we have a history on your son? Was he adopted?
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    Hi! Sorry-I am assuming a signature would be some kind of picture beneath my name....I will work on that! No sexual abuse, no attachment disorder....he was not adopted. We are a loving, supportive, close family-no divorce or deaths in the family or anything out of the ordinary. I am basically struggling with my own anger/anxiety/ADD, and dealing with a son who is a LOT like me! Now-I am on medication and am doing a lot better. He is also on ADD/depression medications and is showing improvement. I am not always consistent with discipline-I try hard, I really do. So I blame a lot of this on me. I DO have ownership in his behavior, but I am 100% positive it is not all my fault, or even close to it. There are definitely issues we are dealing with-whether it actually is ADD and depression my son is dealing with or not, there are things going on. (I realize diagnosis's can change as kids get older). We do have depression, anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), ADD and possible bipolar that run on my side and my husband's side of the family. Anyway-hope I didn't confuse you-I am not feeling well and my head is in the clouds. I have said this, and I will say it again many times...I am SO genuinely relieved to find a group of people like this online. People that understand, who have been there, done that. Thank you!
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    My son Jett was diagnosis'd as ADHD in 2nd grade. Biomom put him on Concerta, kept upping the dose. He would CRASH at night, and not wake up enough - so while he did not wet the bed, his carpet got it, the floor in the bathroom, the AC/furnace vent, the tub, the sink... The wall... No memory whatsoever the next morning. When we weaned him off the Concerta, his oppositional (hateful) behavior vanished as well as the odd peeing (though he still can't hit the toilet very well due to lack of attention).

    That said, it sounds more as if your son is trying to get attention rather than sleepwalking.

    As for "not all [your] fault" - YUP! It's NOT! Consistency is great, but let's face it, we're all human and not one of us is perfect. So while you may oops occasionally, the behavior isn't your fault. (Only if you deliberately are inconsistent and reward bad behavior would it be, and even then...) The issues you are dealing with are more than enough to create some acting out.

    LOTS of hugs.
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    Firefly...NOBODY is 100% :)

    Our kids are just different. Being consistent does not tend to make a difference in our children's behavior. They tend to, for whatever reason, not be able to maintain for very long. In fact, many of us read The Explosive Child and use that just to get some peace in our homes until the treatment kicks in. Don't blame yourself. Your kiddo is just different-thinking.

    I'm glad your son is doing better. Keep us updated :) We will do the best we can to give you mucho support!
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    We went through this with my daughter. Ruined an entire bedroom worth of stuff by peeing on it.

    Unfortunately, we never did find a way to remedy this. Docs had no practical solution and prefered to just gloss over the issue by assuring me that "kids have accidents". Well, sure - but an "accident" in her toybox? An 'accident' on the pile of brand new school clothes I just brought home for her?

    The issue lasted for years...

    Sorry I don't sound more helpful - just know that you are not alone.
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    The "signature" is the anonymous family description that shows at the bottom of each post. I you go to the main page of this site it will have an explanation and guide on how to do it. It's pretty fast and the only thing you need to remember is that we don't use real names, real pictures, real addresses etc. so that each of us can post freely with-o fear that our true identity will be disclosed. It helps each of us keep track of each other, lol, so when we can't "quite" place who the poster is the signature info helps us say
    "oh, yeah, I remember her!" Hugs DDD
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    Hi Firefly2,
    I do have experience with this, unfortunately. ;)
    My son has HF Asperger's and a mood disorder, probably bipolar.
    ADHD was the first diagnosis but I knew from this board that it was just the tip of the iceberg.
    He urinated in the bathtub, in the sink, and in Coke bottles in his bedroom. Oh, yeah, in the closet, too.
    We were so naïve, we believed him when he blamed it on the dogs! but when we found it in the sink and Coke bottles/cans, we knew he had done it.
    He still says it was just one time and it was just because he was too tired, but he has no idea why he did it. And has no idea that it went on for yrs.
    Some of it is due to impulsivity, and some to a lack of social awareness and concern ... so I wouldn't be surprised if your son is on the autism spectrum. Especially with-all of his sensory issues. And yes, you can have more than one diagnosis, as our son does.
    The dr put him on desmopressin, which helps keep the bladder calm when it's full (the opposite of a diuretic). It helped immensely, especially with-the bedwetting.
    Now he wets the bed about once a yr. and he only uses it when we are on vacation, aka using someone else's bed. (He's 16)
    I would highly recommend desmopressin.
    I also would not recommend zoloft (Keep in mind I'm a mom, not a dr, so it's my opinion only). I have a feeling that with-your son's sensory issues, you'll run the gamut of drug allergies like we have.
  10. SomewhereOutThere

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    Come to think of it, my son used to urinate in pop He didn't like to stop playing his games or watching television to go to the bathroom so he used the bottles. Maybe it's a symptom of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) too. He did stop doing it. There are many things that could be wrong with your child...all correctable with the right help :) Sounds like he may have some sensory issues going on.
  11. Wiped Out

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    We dealt with this when my difficult child was younger; I was so frustrated by this. The smell of urine was always so strong. He urinated in bottles, on furniture (in his bedroom), on his toys. He was also a bed wetter until about the age of 13 but the urinating on other things stopped when he was about 7 or 8.
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    We had to staple a tarp over difficult child 1's bedroom carpet and move his dresser over the vent to stop him peeing in his room. We were renting. It stopped after he went to Residential Treatment Center (RTC).
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    I do think some boys simply like to pee in strange places...or see how far they We live in the country and my boys have peed outside almost forever. I think every boy I knew back then did. Now the only time we had issues with strange peeing in the house was with my sleepwalker. He would get lost on the way to the bathroom and pee where he thought the toilet was. One time he completely missed the door to the bathroom and turned into my bedroom and peed into one of my open drawers! We were awake and just sat there watching him in
  14. soapbox

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    Try putting the "consistent" label into effect on the rest of life - it's more important than on discipline.
    Create order to your life and your difficult child kid's life.
    Simplify. He really cannot handle as much as you think he can, and he has no effective way to tell you that, so he acts out.

    If he is developmentally different, you will find that when he isn't doing well it is NOT because he doesn't want to... it's because he is unable to do so. (this approach also works for typical kids... but what works for typical kids doesn't work for kids with developmental differences) Somehow you have to find ways to peel back the layers and make life work on a level that he can handle. Once he is stable and coping, THEN you can start adding in complications.

    Of course... school IS a major complication... and the powers that be don't allow for developmentally different kids to do school at their own pace and in ways that work for them...
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    Hello, Im brand new to this community. I was on the internet searching to see if there was a sickness related to someone peeling in strange places as my son does and I was relieved to find I'm not alone. My son is 14. He pees in our glasses, cups and soda cans. He has anxiety and depression. He kept lying about it being pee. Finally admitted that one time it was. But he always makes it seem like it's past tense. He said he does it because he's too tired to get up. He leaves his glass of pee right in our living room. I confront and he claims it's not pee and just leaves it there for days like he doesn't care what I think. Been having tons of trouble with him. Anger issues, failing at school, yet he can be so loving at other times. He did have separation anxiety starting in 2nd grade. I can see it's been a couple of years since the above posts went out. I hope you're all around still. Can you tell me how your children are doing now? Was there a determination as to why kids would pee in odd places. How to help them? Thank you.
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    This is an older post. To get more responses, you may want to start a "new topic." Just click where it says to click.

    Have you had your son completely evaluated? What is the history of your son? Was he adopted with an early chaotic life?

    Two of my boys peed in bottles and said the same thing. Too lazy to go to the bathroom or they were in the middle of a videogame and didn't want to put it on pause. If he just pees in bottles, I wouldn't worry too much since both of mine stopped doing that after t hey were caught. But if you have lots and lots of quirky problems, I'd look into autistic spectrum disorder or, sometimes, peeing in odd places can mean the child was sexually abused. But (and I'm not sure) I believe this is more when a child pees in bed or in the corner of a room or in the closet.

    My kids are all doing well :)
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    I'm glad to hear your kids are fine. Thanks for the recommendation about where to post. My son has not been sexually abused. He is seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist now, though I didn't mention these issues yet due to embarrassment, for my son and me. He has severe anxiety and suffers depression. His life has been chaotic since birth. High stress situations for a long time. There has been so much I can't even begin. He hasn't been diagnosed with anything so far except for what I mentioned. In fact I just sent an email to his doctor before this post about this problem. I posted here to see if this is related to any specific illness. He is doing this daily now and it is really getting to me.
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    FireFly2: I have been in your shoes before! It sounds as if your child may have the early signs of Narcolepsy which can go along with and mimic the symptoms of ADHD and depression plus some of the others you are describing. My oldest son witch is now 21 years old was diagnosed with Narcolepsy at the age of 14. This was after years of ADHD medications only and not understanding that we were dealing with two diagnosis not just one. Narcolepsy in children shows up as all of the defiance behaviors that you were speaking of plus the tiredness he experiences throughout the day. I have a rare brain disease with Narcolepsy and ADHD. My oldest son has all three as well.. My youngest son which is 5 years old is showing signs of the ADHD and Narcolepsy. We are not sure about the rare brain disease as the MRI test for that will not show a positive result until he is in his late teens. The reason I saw your post is because my 5 year old started peeing on purpose in his room and in the kitchen just because! This never happened with my older boys so I was looking online for some answers. It now looks as though other people have this same problem. I have taught school for many years. Our son has all of our attention since he is the only child still left at home, so it is not an attention problem. We take turns playing with him. I am a stay at home mom and my husband runs his own business from our house. I definitely know how to change children''s behavior using positive reinforcement because that was one of my specialties!! This peeing is driving me crazy.
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    CWrixon, this isn't a post I have a lot of experience with. It is a very old post, so you will likely get more responses if you start a new thread or as a moderator to start one with your answer to this old thread.

    Welcome to our forum! I can say that with urinary problems the only thing I really ever did was have my boys go to the bathroom on a regular schedule. I would use a timer and when the timer rang every 2 or 3 hours, they had to go and read on the potty until they went. It worked. Of course, often they wouldn't get up until the book was done, but that was never a big deal to us.
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    When husband was a child, he had issues with sleepwalking. While sleepwalking, he would occasionally pee in strange places. He was put on desipramine (a tricyclic antidepressant) and that took care of the sleepwalking by the time he was in his early teens.

    Imagine my surprise, when in Germany, his first night back from a tough deployment, where he basically came home, ate, and passed out, I watched him wake up, walk over to the dresser, open the t-shirt drawer...and pee in it! He then ambled off towards the kitchen. I took of after him as I was afraid he'd try to cook something. Nope. He woke up standing in the kitchen looking very confused. He said, "Was I sleepwalking?" I said, "Yep. You also mistook the t-shirt drawer for the toilet!" He was mortified. It never happened again (that I know of).