Pencils / drug use ?


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My child who has admittedly used and does still occasionally smoke weed leaves the odd pencil lying around. It is not the plastic clutch pencil with the lead refills - but coloured pencil crayons which all have the point snapped off, whenever one is found around the house. I understand smoking / snorting being done through pens, but what on earth would an old fashioned pencil crayon be used for - with the tip broken ? Am I over analyzing or is there a use for these with weed or other drugs ? :-(


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I actually researched this on several drug sites i frequent to keep up to date on that "world". Couldn't find ANYTHING. Only thing i can think of is what Bluebell came up with.


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I find these lying around all the time and a google search brought me here. My boyfriend is a heroin addict, but he is known for coke and other drugs too. My assumption is that it's for heroin or maybe coke, but like you, I am unsure.


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Well they can wrap blunt papers around pencil to make a small funnel to snort drugs. Lots of research and thinking like a drug addict


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If for heroine could be used to help hold a ligature in place if they are injecting. But if that is the case you would find other evidence along with the pencils no?