People here who changed me


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Years ago I was too focused on childhood bipolar and truly thought every angry child had it. Fran warned me not to think that way and told me other things rhat causemoodswings and rages. In the end, my son did not have bipolar. Her words encouraged me to look beyond, and the rest id history.

Thank you, Fran

RE got me interested in many wise people who totally changed my thinking for the better. What a kind, smart lady!

Thank you, RE.

Tanya taught me that you can overcome anything. Life itself.

Thank you, Tanya

Copa and Cedar helped me so much with FOO issues. Both are also brave, kind mothers which taught me as well. I admire the intelligence of both. I can feel the love they have for their children. What kind hearts!

Thanks to two great ladies

Cheryl is one of the kindest people I know. Love the articles she posts. Much to be learned there. A great forum owner.

Thank you, Cheryl.

Lil and Jabber, two smart people with kindness in their hearts and so much wisdom for all and finally a success story!

Thank you both

Pink, you opened my eyes to different ways of doing things. Guess what? I am noticing how many people still hang their laundry, and my new home has a laundry line. I think my sheets will be blowing in the wind. Im sure you have much more to teach. I wish I could hire you to helo decorate my house! Bet you are very talented.

Thank you, Pink.

You are brave, smart and articulate and your waybof explaining things....brilliant. You comfort many and you do this even as you process losses and disappointments. A real hero.

Thank you, Leafy.

To everyone else,
Thank you for your various thoughts and ideas. All of you are valuable to me and teach me so much. I hope desperately that all your kids turn out well and am thrilled that so many of your adult kids DO turn it around. Special kudos to RN. LBL, Kathy, jab and Lil, patriots girl, love my son, Origami and all I missed who have seen turnarounds.

For those who have not seen turnarounds yet, you inspire by learning to move on and that is very powerful. You are all great parents....we do not control our adult kids. But you all seem to live well, sooner or later, and overcome extreme disappointment. That is very brave and strong!

I love you all.

Swot (Pam)
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Totally awesome and uplifting post, SOT!

Wish I knew so many on the board as you, but the ones that made their mark with me (thus far) are...

SOT. You are always here, and someone who I believe I could count on in real life. There's integrity behind you, and I love the fact that you're an animal lover and dedicated mom. You help keep the Watercooler alive and interesting. You are a true gem.

AppleCori. Such a gem you are, too. As with SOT, I believe you also possess integrity and would make for a good solid friend in real life. Love your edge.

GoingNorth. Love that you and I, both grew up in and around the same time and experienced so much of the same. I can always count on you for adding your experiences when it comes to so many old-fashioned things, and I like that. What a gem you are.

AnnieO. Love that you're posts are always so in-tune with my own. So easy to relate to others when you have certain things in common, and for that I thank you. A true gem you are.

Copabanana. Helped make me feel so welcome when I first joined-up. Will always be so grateful for your friendliness. Another gem on the boards.

Lil. You are always so very kind and supportive. Yep, you're a gem, too.

List not compiled as to importance or rankings as far 1-4 goes. I simply brainstormed who I most often interact with here on the boards and posted you by name.

Hoping to get to know more here in the future.

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ROFLMAO! Me, too, SOT, I promise, I'll be right there behind you. :)

As for making and keeping the Watercooler - cool, well, kudos to you, too, on that!

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Forgot to mention another... KTM.

Always so jolly to reply to so many of my conversations, and that always has such of a way of relaying friendliness and acceptance to me, and for that I express a big thank you to her. A true gem you are, KT.

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Waving hello to you, LBL!

And you, too, my dear! You've always been so supportive of my posts. What a gem you are.

I'm sure there are one or two others I missed. Would be so nice to get to know more members here. Maybe in due time, and if not, then not. At least I have my close-knit few here who I can always count on! :)


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Awww....What a lovely, lovely post! SWOT, you definitely influenced me! I have to admit, I wasn't all that fond of you in the very beginning - totally because I wasn't ready to hear the truth! But you were right. You have become the voice of my inner strength - the kick in the pants when I need it most. Funny, I sometimes find myself passing along the same advice I found "too harsh" in the beginning.

Thank you my friend. :hugs:

Tanya M

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What a beautiful post SWOT!

There are truly some amazing people here that we all can learn from.

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SWOT you have always amazed me with your resilience, wisdom, forthrightness and strength. There are too many people here to single out for recognition for me. I think everyone who enters CD and graces this forum with their stories are bright shining stars in a world where one could easily fall into despair. Thank you to everyone who has helped me through the darkest of times. There are truly angels on earth.
Love to all and my deepest gratitude for those who keep this site running.