People who come to the door with attempts of religious conversion

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  1. SomewhereOutThere

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    I personally don't like the intrusion. There are two people, a man and a woman, walking around outside our house with Bible in hand and now and my dogs are going crazy. When they came to my house, I pretended I wasn't home. I didn't answer the door and I hid in the bathroom until the dogs calmed down. Now I wonder if I was rude. They mean well, I guess, even though I already have my own spiritual ideas and don't really want to be preached at. What do you do?
  2. AnnieO

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    We have a sign on the door that says "No Soliciting". If that doesn't work, I have a superfriendly, 50-lb dog that scares the snot out of a lot of people. So much so that we always tell pizza delivery people "Dog is stupid friendly"...

    I don't even hide anymore. It is MY HOUSE. If they stand outside too long, I can call the cops for trespassing... I don't have to physically tell them with the sign on the door. No one sticks around too long...
  3. SomewhereOutThere

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    Does the solicitor sign work?
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    We... answer the door, and before they can even start (they usually have pamphlets or a Bible in their hand)... we simply tell them that we have our own beliefs and are not interested in theirs... and shut the door.

    If it's two men and I'm home alone - dogs or not - I do not answer.
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    My block is up on a hill and the houses have a lot of steps to reach the front door. We regularly have 2 middle aged women who are Jehovah's Witnesses, and they are indominable. They climb all the way up here on foot and I see them all the time and I know they're harmless. They are not lazy, that's for sure. I feel so bad for them trekking all the way up to my door, that I opened it once and let them give me the spiel, even though I told them I was another faith. They were very polite and asked if they could leave the tract they were carrying, and one asked what my name was, so I told her.
    Now, they ring my bell, when I open the door, they call me by my name, and I just cannot be rude because they truly mean no harm. Last time, I was in the middle of making lasagna, so I had to brush them off, and I felt a little bad.
    Most people around here are either out of the house working every weekday, or so old that they won't open the door. So I figure, what the heck, I'll make their day and be polite. I always tell them that they're preaching to the choir and they laugh. I just think it's almost impossible to convert anyone by ringing their doorbell.

    I read somewhere that when Mitt Romney was young, he, like most Mormons, spend a year as a missionary and they have to do the same thing...go up to strangers, ring doorbells, etc. He said he didn't convert one person that entire year, and he felt like a failure, but by the time the year was over, he had no fear about speaking in public, approaching strangers, overcoming objections, faciing outright hostility, being pleasant even when you feel deflated, etc.

    It was probably the best real-world business or political training anyone could ask for.
  6. tiredmommy

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    I usually open the door and politely but firmly refuse the information and tract.

    husband tells them to come back when I'm home. :hammer:
  7. susiestar

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    I open the door. They are fun to play with. I tell them I am Druid, Orthodox Reformed. Yes, it is nonsense. I invite them to our meeting on the next full moon in a field in the middle of nowhere. I tell them they must dance naked and ti usually ends up in an orgy. Usually they RUN. I only had one come back a second time. I invited her in and started taking my dress off (I was wearing one at the time) so that I could teach her the dances so she wouldn't feel out of place. I can talk superfast and usually they cannot get a word in edgewise and after a short while they don't want to. They just want to escape.

    If you come to my house to inflict your religion on me, you are begging me to inflict mine on you. I do NOT like religious people to preach at me, and I am offended by those who think they have the right to do so in my own home or on my property. So in my opinion if you walk onto my property, up to my home, you are fair game.

    Oh, I did tell a few I practiced voodoo. But only b/cI was using that to keep the drug dealing child abusing pimp in the apartment below up so terrified he would leave us alone. I couldn't get the cops to arrest him no matter how hard I tried, so I scared him into staying away from us. Chanting in bad Latin, black candles with a few spices tossed into the flame, etc... was all it took. Oh, and dancing around said candles while chanting the Latin, but only at midnight on certain nights- loud enough they were sure to hear.

    My father came up with the Druid,Orthodox Reformed. He got tired of school sending forms home asking what religion we were. It was a Catholic school and we were members of the church also, so it got annoying. The nuns did NOT like the Druid bit, and it wasn't Dad that paid for it. But when I told them about dancing around trees naked, they freaked except for the one first grade teacher who adored me and knew i was joking (I was in third when this happened, but was always her favorite). Otherwise I probably would have had a year or two of detention that was really an extra religion class.
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    he had no fear about speaking in public, approaching strangers, overcoming objections, faciing outright hostility, being pleasant even when you feel deflated, etc.
    It was probably the best real-world business or political training anyone could ask for.

    I think this is at least 50% of the reason they do it!
  9. TerryJ2

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    Susiestar, I'm sure they know you're pulling their leg!
  10. DDD

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    Funny.....had two at my door this morning. Ace barked and barked and barked. I drank tea and stayed at the computer. I admire their tenacity but I'm 72 and have never heard of one successful religious cold call. DDD
  11. susiestar

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    Terry, you would think so. I have kept it up because most of them seem seriously alarmed and upset for my soul. If they laughed with me, I would laugh also. husband thought they were humoring me when I told him about it. Then he was home for about six of them, and honestly, they seem to believe me and be truly worried for my soul. Which cracks me up further. Shades of my childhood hidden gfgness, I guess.

    The nuns at my elem school sure believed my dad for a while.
  12. AnnieO

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    MWM, the no soliciting sign seems to work pretty well. I have only had a couple of unknown people ring the doorbell, and they are required to have permits from our city to solicit ANYWAY... I just point to the sign IF I answer the door.

    Jett answers no matter what, so he gets to deal with them if they ignore the sign. He won't let them in - too protective of his little sister!
  13. nerfherder

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    Another view:

    I already am affiliated with a less conventional philosophical school (call it "Left Hand Path Neoplatonic School of Thought") but have always been fascinated with others' tales of their religious practices. I understand the power and inner drive of having a School or Religion that has caused such an amazing transformation inside that you can't help but want others to know so they can taste of it if they wish.

    And I will also say that I did get something positive out of a couple of LDS missionaries a few years back. Mom had heard about the "post-mortem conversions" of people who were murdered in the Concentration Camps, and like many it outraged her. I had a thought and while the two young men were at the door, I asked them in Mom's presence about this practice. It turns out what they are doing is having someone stand in proxy for these individuals, and subjectively (which is to say, in their own Mormon Subjective Universe - or in their imagination, if you will) offer these now-dead spirits the chance to explore the LDS universe and switch over to it if they like what they see.

    So, like I said to Mom, "They're not converting your parents, they're pretty much doing what these boys are doing here - knocking on their heavenly doors and asking if they want to hear about it. Bubbie and Zaydie are free to slam the heavenly doors in their faces if they want." OK, I said it to her in Yiddish which sounds a lot more amusing, but it at least taught my mom that what she thought was one thing was essentially harmless to her - very much alive in her heart - mom and dad.

    Also when on long drives at night, I like to find and tune in to religious radio stations for those late night sermons. The strangest one, I think, was a Korean pastor who learned English in Scotland railing against the Harry Potter books. The surreal nature of it was that this was around 1 or 2 in the morning, and his English was in an accent there is no way I could ever duplicate. Delightful to listen to, whether or not I agreed with his ideas.

    If someone comes to my door (unlikely now, as our door is on the other side of the farm driveway gate just off a dirt road) and they are educated in their religious practice and willing and able to have intelligent conversation, AND I have time to listen and discuss, I enjoy it thoroughly. But I never feel obligated to take part in this, as it's my property and my time they want to intrude upon.
  14. Hound dog

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    They bug me. If I suddenly come down with an interest in organized religion? Trust me, I know where they are, I won't have an issue finding them. I know there are many sects/denominations that require "visiting" or "ministering" to the lost. I'll stay "lost", thankyouverymuch. (actually not lost, I probably know more than they do......but oh, well)

    The Baptists here are a bit zealous to say the least, especially a certain church. Molly ended their visits one evening when Fred (god forbid the man look out the window before answering the door) opened the door and Molly, who had a thing for strangers on her porch, slipped past him and came out hackles raised snarling and snapping and chased them out of the yard.

    The Mormons are much much more persistent. My response to them depends upon my mood. Good mood I'll answer and tell them I'm not interested.......and as the other day added in a "careful not to freeze to death" as I waved them away. (nasty weather) Bad mood? I ignore them. I don't hide. I don't pretend not to be home. I just act as if they're invisible. I have in the past played with their heads more than a bit........but I decided that is sort of cruel, they're not knocking on my door out of meanness.

    Molly did go after more than one group of Mormons. But seems they're always changing and whomever gets chosen for our neighborhood didn't always get warned about Molly. At some point in the future I can see Maggie following in Molly's footsteps.
  15. KTMom91

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    Several months ago we had two young Mormon men knock, then back up when they heard Bud barking...but their opening line, shouted from the street was "Do you know Jesus?"

    I yelled back, "We've met," then closed the door.
  16. flutterby

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    Two Jehovah's Witness ladies came to my door just before I moved and I was crying (I was crying when they showed up), and they were so nice. They came back the next day and brought a housewarming candle. I wasn't home, but they left it for me with a note. They're not going to convert me, but the Jehovah's Witnesses who have come to my house have always been very nice and courteous.

    However, the two ladies from a different church - that shall remain unnamed - who asked my then 14 year old Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) daughter (an atheist, by the way) if she knew where she was going to go when she died, and wouldn't let her close the door - one lady had her arm through the door....that was a different story. I must have looked as angry as I was, because all I said was, "No", and they couldn't leave fast enough, looking over their shoulders as they made their way down the sidewalk. You don't get to come to MY house and talk to my child that way.
  17. Nancy

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    I suppose some would think I am rude but I ask them what makes them think I am looking for a religion and then I invite them never to ring my bell again.
  18. JKF

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    I never answer when they come here. Im a hider. I have too much s**t to deal with from difficult child. I don't have the energy for the Jehovah's. lol Once they came when my husband was outside working on his truck and they asked him if his parents were home. He was like no sorry and they went away. I still laugh about that one to this day!
  19. Signorina

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    I had one ring the bell on Friday. It must be "witnessing" time of year. I always answer and state firmly "thank you but I am not interested" with a smile on my face and wish them well.

    I have never had anyone be pushy or insistent. And I say "no thank you" when they offer to leave literature. No one has ever come back or badgered me- they have always been lovely, well dressed, quiet, middle aged+ "Church Ladies."

    I understand Prince has been a Jehovah's witness for years and as part of his religious practices, he goes door to door once a year. I always answer and hope it's him. I WAS A HUGE PRINCE FAN in my teens!!!
  20. SomewhereOutThere

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    When I was much younger and had kids running around and needed a break, two guys came to my door. I have no idea what their denomination was, but since I was bored, I invited them in and even gave them lemonade and sat and decided to amuse myself by listening to them. We were talking about the Adam/Eve story, which I said I didn't believe, and one of them stood up, pointed at me, and to make his point and prove it happened and women were sinful said, "Do you KNOW why women get cramps when they get their periods? It's because Eve ate the apple!"

    After I stopped laughing, I escorted them out the door and told them not to come back.

    I am not even close to an atheist, but I have my own belief system which I don't push on anyone else and I do like the same respect. And please let me have peace in my own house! :)