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    I know some of you have asked, but I didn't get to the health food store until today. The herb is called Vitex Extract. You take it for 90 days and it is supposed to regulate your cycle. The one he gave me is a "full spectrum" which includes Chaste Tree berry and calcium, which is supposed to enhance it.
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    Thanks Loth -

    I'm dealing with this and possibly going for ablation. Lucky me I'm so special I get (2) 2 week long periods a month. And they WONDER why I'm tense.

    I seem to have fair results with occasionally flying off the handle, crying, and giving the death stare to people in traffic. If rolling your eyes, and head simultaneoulsy in a circle while exhaling and calling someone a foul name was an Olympic event? I'd be bringing home da gold!
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    I've been getting mine every two weeks. I just had an ablation and it didn't really help, so I got this stuff on the recommendation of the health food guy who is extremely knowlegeable.
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    Let me know if it works. I just got off a lovely 3 week cycle, only having a one week break.

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    Uhhhhhh.....see your other are a nut job!
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    Thanks, Loth, I'm getting to where this may be very helpful.
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    *I* am a nut job???

    I'm going in my corner right now.
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    Uhhhhhhhh, maybe I am the lucky one - I haven't had a period in about 7 years.
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    I am soo mad. I went a year without a period and thought I was on the other side! This weekend "it's baaack". I am not happy.