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    Duckie's teacher had the class do a persuasive letter writing assignment with the idea that she would try to accept and implement one of the kids' ideas presented in a letter.

    Duckie's idea was sweet: Bring your pet to school day. She clarified by saying parents would bring in pets one at a time throughout the day. Kids could bring photos and share stories about their pets if their animal couldn't be brought to school or had died.

    She didn't win, though I think she did a nice job.

    The girl that won got several classmates to also write letters with her idea: chew gum at school week. Her argument was that she's getting braces this weekend and won't be able to chew again until she's a teenager!
  2. Andy

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    Yes, Duckie should have won - it is much more educational and besides, the brace girl did not do her homework - when my kids had braces, they were told to chew gum and the Orthodontist sent gum home with them and a note to the school.
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    There was just something on the news this week that somebody did a study and found out that chewing gum at school improved kids' performance. I don't remember the details but it sounded interesting.
    When I was a teacher I had a rule in my class that you were allowed to chew gum as long as I couldn't see it or hear it (no smacking, no popping, etc.) I am right brained myself and the idea of watching every kid to see if I could catch them chewing gum was beyond my ability. It would never even occur to me on most days and I don't see what it hurts, as long as it does not find its way onto the furniture, etc. and that usually only happens when it is not allowed and kids are tryng to hide it. Isn't it funny what we make big deals about when we should be teaching instead?
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    Andy- I think the other girl won because she was so persuasive with her classmates that they gave up a chance to have their own ideas implemented.

    MM- There's a girl in Duckie's class that is allowed to chew as needed (except in gym) as long as she doesn't disturb the other students or dispose of her gum improperly. She has sensory issues and it is one on many things they do to help her stay on task.
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    I think Duckie had a wonderful idea. Maybe the teacher will take it into consideration anyway.

    My kids had a Take You Pet to School Day in grade school. They always took our then basset Holly. Sweetest dog in the world, and tiny for a basset. Kids would fall head over heels for her because she appeared to be a puppy although she was several years old. lol

    The students loved it and really looked forward to it. Although only one teacher who taught first grade did it. Fortunately, all of my kids had the same 1st grade teacher, so Holly made 3 trips. lol
  6. Abbey

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    Mutt...I had the same policy. If I don't see it or hear it, it's LOW on my priority list.

    Congrats to Duckie!

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    Wow they are teaching our Duckie advanced things! I just helped Mandy write a persuasive essay last
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    I thought you said PERVASIVE and was trying to figure out the entire post.

    PERSUASIVE - as in - VOTE FOR DUCKY - 230 board aunties from now on will send letters to her encouraging her on her quest.


    How did the Snow Leopard report turn out?
  9. WhymeMom?

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    Did the teacher pick the winner or did kids vote on it? I'm thinking the chewing gum idea would be less demanding of getting others involved so may have been the easy way out, but like the assignment...... got the kids thinking and WRITING....
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    Lisa- Your kids' 1st grade teacher sounds like a lot of fun! :thumbsup:

    Abbey- I think educators are wise not to sweat most of the small stuff. :winks:

    Janet- I imagine the writing standards bar is set fairly low for this age group; I doubt they had to document any supporting data on their subject as an example. I'm sure it's more a case of "I really want this to happen because". :rofl:

    Star- She was the 1st to hand in her written report out of 60+ students. Her research presentation isn't due until 5/13 but she has it completed at school already. She'll step in early if another student in unprepared on their assigned date. :warrior:

    WMM- I'm not sure how she decided, Duckie just informed me it was "chew gum at school week" per her teacher. I had her tell me about it and it seemed plausible because it's exactly the sort of assignment her multiage teachers would give out. :bigsmile:
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    Miss KT also needs gum to help her concentrate. By now, the school's tired of hearing me, so she doesn't get static for it.