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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jan 16, 2009.

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    Someone posted a link a while back that led to a site that ranked pet foods and explained how some of them are so bad for our furbabies. :cool_dog::pet:

    I have a friend who needs the site, can anyone remember it?

    Thanks so much!
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    Susie, it's

    It's a real eye-opener! Some of the pet foods that are advertised as being so 'healthy', like Beneful and Purina, are ranked right down at the very bottom!

    Basically, you want to look for a food where a protein source (meat, poultry or fish) is the FIRST ingredient listed. There should be NO CORN or wheat - it's just a filler. Dogs can't digest corn and corn and wheat are very common allergens in dogs and cause skin or digestive problems. They may call it "gluten" or whatever, but it's still not good for them. If it has grains, it should be wholesome easily digested grains like oatmeal or rice. There should be NO artificial colors or flavors. The good foods without corn are virtually impossible to find in the grocery store or Walmart or even Petsmart. You have to find an independent pet supply store. If you go to the websites for some of the better foods, they usually have a place that will list stores that sell it.
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    :faint: Oh, and just a little warning so nobody faints in the pet store ....

    ALL pet foods have had a HUGE price hike just in the last month or so. Mine get Merrick, which is a really good food. A thirty pound bag will last them just about a month, so once a month I drive to the next county to the only store near me that carries it. For the longest time it has been $34.95 for a 30 lb. bag which isn't too bad to feed three dogs for a month. When I bought more a week ago it had gone up to $48.95! They have all gone up. The UP side though is that when they eat a more nutritious food, they actually eat less because they get the nutrients they need from a smaller amount of food. And without all those fillers they can't digest anyway, they actually have smaller poops, believe it or not!
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    My chloe is on a prescription dog food due to her weight. And STILL has not lost. Hasn't gained, but I was expecting a fast, large drop.
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    Kjs, you may want to look at that dog food site. Many of the 'prescription' foods you get at the vet (like Science Diet and Iams) are not even that good! Believe it or not, most vets are not all that knowledgeable about pet foods! They barely touch on it in the veterinary schools and the classes they do get are taught by reps from the pet food companies! The vets push the brands they sell in their office because they get a cut of the profits - not because it's the best food.

    Many of the better brands sell weight-control formulas and some of the 'senior' formulas promote weight control. Another trick - substitute about a third or a fourth of their regular dry food with frozen (cooked) GREEN BEANS! Just mix them right in with their kibble. The dogs like them, they get lots of nutrients and fiber from them, and they are very low in calories.
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    Great trick with the green beans. yes, pet food has gone up bigtime. I like Taste of the Wild for my kitty kats. It isn't the absolute best, but is far better than many of the petfoods. And you are right it DOES provide smaller poops.

    When my cousin was little she had a "thing" for eating the catfood. We used to tease her about her nice shiny hair being due to that. She never ate much before my aunt grabbed her, but if she could get to it she would. Strangely, she never ate any other wierd things.

    thanks for the link, I gave it to my friend.
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    Chloe's dog food is actually a prescription. Not sold in stores. Vet or by prescription from petmed's.

    I must be doing something wrong when I try to go to that site. I don't see where any food is rated.

    Chloe was on Purina Pro Plan. Do not know the name of the prescription. I will look when I get home.
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    You have to click on the part that says "Reviews". Try this:

    The foods are rated 1 Star to 6 Stars, one being the worst and 6 being the best. The different foods are listed alphabetically according to the rating. You may have to search a little, and there's hundreds of different brands listed, but it's worth the work to find it on there. They list the ingredients for each brand and then review it, giving specific reasons why it is or is not a good choice.

    Some of the less desirable foods listed on here actually use a preservative that has been proven to be a carcinogen to people ... but they still put it in dog food! And the real surprise is when you look at the list of One Star foods and see that so many of the heavily advertised brands that are supposed to be so 'healthy' (like Beneful) are rated at the very bottom! It's virtually 'junk food' for dogs!

    "Wellness" is a WONDERFUL brand of food and it's not too hard to find. If your dog isn't losing weight on what she's eating now, you may want to try that Wellness Core Reduced Fat.