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    I have known for many years that my sister S is a drunkard and very petty. She is the reason that the one year I asked to be included in my family's Thanksgiving dinner that I was told "no". It would make her unhappy to see me there. That pretty much solidified it for my giving up forever on my family.

    But, for better or worse, the way I figure it family is family. You can walk away from them, but they'll always be your blood relatives.

    Tonight on my facebook page in the side columns there was a friend suggestion for my sister S, because L is S's friend and that's how they join old friends together. Out of curiosity, I clicked on her profile to see what the teeny tiny group photo was as her profile photo. On that page you also see what info people have posted about themselves.

    S lists herself as being married, having a daughter, her parents, and her brother C, sister W (not for Witzend), and her brother T. That's it. It really ticked me off. I sent her a friend invite and added the message, "I know you hate me, although I don't understand why. Not listing me as one of your siblings certainly confirmed my low opinion of your character. I do exist, and I'm quite happy without you in my life. But not listing me doesn't make me dead or gone."

    Exactly how flipping petty can someone get because my husband and I were both unemployed and we didn't have the money to pay for her plans for my 50th wedding anniversary party, when my parents had already saved enough money to pay for themselves? For eleven years she's written me out of the family, and no one would ever cross S. I'll never forget it (because I still have the e-mails) "You've ruined it! Now they want to pay for it themselves!" Hello, they always intended to! How did I get to be the bad guy here?

    But to write me out of existence? What a cow. And I know you all know that I don't mean "cow".
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    Some people we will just never understand. You are better off without her if she causes you so much stress.

    I wonder if she will respond.
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    Big reason why I won't do group gifts. My sis decided to buy my Mom this awesome (and expensive sewing machine) for her birthday one year. Mom loved to sew. She loved her old Singer machine. The one sis wanted to get was computerized. (hence the expense) And I kept telling her Mom would probably never figure out how to even use it. AND I told her I didn't have a spare 100 bucks to just toss out for a gift. Five times I told her that. She went ahead and got it anyway. I honestly don't know where my other sibs got the 100 bucks for their shares either because they were also having a rough go of it, but she guilted them into it. Then she started harassing me, telling me I owed her 100 bucks. I told her I owed her nothing because I said from the beginning I didn't have the money and I wasn't interested in buying something for our Mom she would never use.

    by the way the machine was too complicated and Mom never did get it to run right. She actually hated the gift and wished the money had been used for something more useful. lol

    Sis was ticked for a while, but she got over it.

    Witz, my Mom can hold a grudge like no other human being on the planet.......but even she would dare say a member of the family shouldn't come to a reunion or anything like that. Your sis is far beyond petty, my dear. She has some big issues.


    I also wonder if she'll reply.
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    My mom is also a champion grudge-holder, as is her brother. Their feud started after my Nana died, in 1993, and is just now starting to be mended. Doubt it ever will be fully, though.

    Sending many hugs.
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    FWIW, she refused my friendship request - big surprise, not - and has blocked me from seeing her at all. ie: I can't see her through L's account, etc... That or she canceled her account. What a psycho.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Her loss!
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    This is true...