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    Katie is still swearing welfare is giving her a hard time over the food stamps and medicaid. None of the family is buying it. We've dealt with welfare here too much. We know how they work and how they treat people. Actually they're very good at working with you as long as you do what you should and if there is a mix up or something they're pretty fast about helping straighten it out. But nooooooo. To hear katie carry on, they're out to get her. phht.

    Pretty sure it's all one huge dramatic lie woven to make us feel sorry for them and offer to help. This has been going on since shortly after she moved into the apartment. It should have been resolved ages ago. So either she's taken no steps to resolve it........I doubt it as they'd go hungry.........or she's lying to make us think she has no way to feed the kids.

    Add to this the whole work drama with M........and we're all pretty sure it's a ploy for cash.

    So we're ignoring it.

    She's been hard on inviting Nichole to her apartment for dinner. Nichole believes so they can put her on the spot to loan them money. I have a feeling she is probably right. No one else has been invited to dinner. Nichole has made a steady stream of excuses to avoid it and now bedrest gives her the perfect excuse. Katie even got the kids to ask Nichole when they called her at the hospital the other day.

    easy child tells me katie asked her if anyone around here RSVP to birthday parties. easy child told her the family doesn't because it's a given we'll be there, if not we'd tell her. And that in her experience......people don't RSVP, which is why she stopped inviting Darrin's classmates. He can invite 1 friend and she talks to the parents herself. When easy child asked why she asked about that katie told her she's thinking about changing the party date.

    The deal with the RSVP.........This is the first time in the kids memory they'll get a birthday party, a real one with guests ect. Of course kayla and alex had them before they left but they were babies and don't remember. Katie and M evidently promised them the world, planned to book the guest house at the complex, did formal invitations to both the kids classes and family.........

    Katie had asked me if I could pick up the birthday cake on my way to the party. I told her sure if she could give me the cash to pay for it first as I don't have extra cash lying around. Next thing I know she's telling me she's going to make their cake.

    My guess? They're flat broke. Wonder if they were able to pay their rent. She was telling Nichole that she was panicking because M's work had kept 2 paychecks (phht yeah right) and she needed his money for his half of the bills. Seriously? The man never stays employed for more and a couple of weeks.

    We're not buying into any of it. They've went through the cash like it's water. I'm on the phone with kayla 5 mins and she's telling me all the stuff mommy and daddy have been buying them.....expensive stuff. She went out and bought kayla one of those hand held video game systems that cost at least 200 bucks plus games for it.

    Now I'm not one to say a parent shouldn't know the joy of being able to buy their kids a few things when they've done without. But when you're basically living on nothing, in a HUD apartment, and getting food stamps and such you don't go out and buy your kid a 200.00 toy that requires expensive games on top of that.

    So now we're waiting to see if there will be a party at all. Irritates me. The only "bills" the girl has is her rent and the phone, cable and internet bill which she probably got the same deal as husband and I and it's about 70 bucks a month. No excuse. Doesn't surprise me as I expected it. But it does irritate me.

    Especially when on about half the amount of money she had coming in last month husband and I managed to pay mortgage, electric, gas, water and sewer, phone, cable, internet, car insurance, trash, and put license plates on my car.........and buy groceries and household necessities, plus keep our cars full of gas and support the furbabies. :sigh:
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    Lisa, I swear I don't know how you keep your mouth shut. I know I would be interrupting her and mentioning the video games...and stuff. At least Nichole sees what's going on and won't be taken advantage of. Frustrating!!
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    I thought M was supposed to have been fired from his job?
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    Kudos for all of you for not buying into her deciet. Sorry about the kids being caught in the middle. That totally stinks and must be so hard on you. -RM
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    Donna, honestly I don't know if he's working or not. I assume he either quit or got himself fired after moving in with katie and the kids as that's his usual bit. And due to the "drama" that supposedly took place between the owner and himself over those 2 paychecks. But before that he was supposed to be working 12 hrs per day 6 days a week. Not a fortune, but no small sum of cash.

    Plus not only did katie get her monthly check from disability for alex in may she also got the back pay from when she filed back in dayton......about 2000. 00 or more.

    That's a hellova lot of cash to go through in just a bit over a month. And she's recently received June's check too. Money should not be an issue whether or not M is working.
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    I am quite sure they only want you at the party to get you to pay for stuff. And that they only want Nichole over for dinner to get cash out of her. Katie clearly thinks that if she asks for it face to face with the kids there that no family member could say no to her - how could you let my kids go hungry kind of plea. Stupid woman. She should know you, and by extension know the women you raised her sisters to be and know that if she wants even a prayer of cash the only easy mark is her dad and you won't let her target him for any real amt.

    I honestly don't know how you keep your peace and don't tell her you know all of this is just because she wants cash from you. in my opinion if she didn't want money from you she wouldn't have ever contacted you or moved closer. It was all done to manipulate you and the rest of the family. Have you let the apt mgr know that M is living there? I would be tempted to do that, because it would push them into homelessness and push CPS to take the kids.

    The more I hear about katie the more I think of drugs. You can blow that money on stuff like games, eating out, junk food, etc... but more likely it has gone to drugs. I would not at all be surprised to find that on weekends she drugs the little one because he is so out of control and she cannot cope with him. Just a hunch, but a strong one. on the other hand, it may be that she keeps the drugs all to herself for her "migraines". Either way, I find it hard to believe that drugs and or alcohol abuse are not part of the equation.

    You have the patience of a saint to not have blasted them long before this.
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    I don't know how you are keeping your mouth shut (like UAN said)


    How your foot isn't firmly planted in someones kiester........I mean there is a limit to someones stupidity and pathological lying.

    And the thing about "Can you pick up the cake?"

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Poor kids......I swear the price of a birthday cake vs. the price of a bit of brass and gunpowder. Decisions decisions........ACK!
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    ...What Star said...
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    At this point I'm just letting them dig that hole deeper and deeper. I'm using an old detachment method of my gramma's See my lil penguins? Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. Then, when it all comes crashing down around their shoulders? It's all on them.

    I'm hoping that Kayla, who is a bright little girl, is getting an eye full of how this is no one else's fault but her parents. There is no one else to blame. Katie's biomom is out of the picture, she's been the scape goat for years while katie and M mooched off her. We of course are basically keeping our distance. It's all the parents and the kids at this point. Kayla has seen what hard work and education get you. Now she's getting a hefty dose of what being like her parents gets you. I'm hoping it's an enormous life lesson for her. A shame it's one she has to learn so young. But I am wondering if it's already having an effect. She missed the straight A honor roll last report card by a B in spelling which is pretty good given the year she's had and that she was waaaaaaay behind the rest of the class. It's the first time she's ever tried to do well in school.
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    That's just it Hound ------WHY do the kids HAVE to suffer? I mean these idiots are ALLOWED to drag them from bridge to bridge like Billy Goats Gruff ---and they are basically handed the keys to the city. Get free this, free that. I'm in no way jealous because I would rather sit on the floor than get things like they did, HOW they did. But then they get disability, food stamps, welfare, TANF, free utilities, clothes - and on and on - and the kids are getting the shaft once again - and possibly exposed to pornograhic Pete right in their own home. Make me sick. Matter of fact if I lived close? I'd come and HELP them dig that hole. Kinda coinides with my cake/brass theory.
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    Lisa...are u sure about the 2K. I think it should be higher. How much is she getting a month. I think she should be getting around 6 something a month unless she is actually reporting M's income which I doubt she is.
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    Amazing, isn't it? They could hit the lottery and Publisher's Clearing House and it'd still be gone in a month.
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    Janet with the disability back pay.......I know I'm pretty close to the amt she got. Maybe it was nearly 3k. Disability now has a limit on back pay amounts is what the case worker told her. But I was with her when they told her what she was getting. And she gets about 700 per mo for Alex......or did until M moved in. I don't know what it dropped down to then.

    But here is the hitch, because alex is a minor she has to account for every dime she spends each mo of that money. I don't know how she's justifying 700 bucks a month with food stamps.....M's money (if there is any there cuz truly I'm assuming he quit his job before he ever joined her in the apartment) no real bills ect. While clothing ect is acceptible.........I doubt a 300 playstation or computer or whatever would be. So she might have gotten herself into some hot water as well. I've got too much going on with the other 2 girls right now......I've not had too much time to consider the source of her money issues.

    She just posted on FB a few hours ago that she's taking Evan all the way to Cincy to an ER dentist because his front teeth are so bad. Really? FINALLY! But all the way to CINCY?? are you kidding me? We have tons of dentist that both take kids and take welfare. wth? Then she whined about having to wait a week for a ride. omg So I posted and asked why she was going all the way to cincy with plenty of dentists here to take him and then she wouldn't have to wait for a ride. geez omg And no, I'm not taking her, nor is husband.

    I'm thinking someone whispered into cps' ear that Evan is being neglected she has to move fast. I know our cps is slow to move, if they move.......she doesn't know that.....and her neighbors won't tell her that either. As I know many of her neighbors........and many have had their kids taken for good reason mult times.

    Then in a 2nd post she's whining about kayla telling her off right and left, arguing, commenting on her parenting (or lack thereof).......and instead of acting like a parent, she's playing the victim and asking why her. Kayla is really not a difficult child.........she has the potential to be.......but really she's not. If Katie can't handle her at 11, the girl will eat her alive by the time she's 14. Kayla is smart. She's smart enough to pit her parents against each other and come out the winner every time and they've yet to catch on to it. So if their lack of parenting continues, in another year or so they'll have another full blown difficult child on their hands who is smart enough to give them some class A trouble.

    It does amaze me how quickly they can go through cash. But I figure if they're really hurting.........M can go pawn all the stuff they bought for about 1/4 th of what they paid for it.
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    Part of me wonders if they rented furniture, washer/dryer, computer, etc.... Cause those payments will eat you alive and if you are three days late they come and get them. They are also really ugly to you on the phone = can make you think you will be on the street if you don't pay them. We never used them but had neighbors who did and I always had to laugh at the stupid threats they made. I heard some firsthand and boy were they funny.

    I would bet having to account for that money has them panicked. Cause we all know they didn't spend it on the child. How do you explain all those medications for mom's "migraines" and the fees for the internet porn sites when having to account for money that was supposedly used "for the child"? Visually interviewing wet nurses? Trying medications so you could guide him through addiction to the bottom and then how to avoid rehab when he is old enough to try drugs?


    I really hope kayla gives them a hard time. maybe they will try to turn her over to you for custody then. Cause they cannot handle her and "it is bad for the boys" will be the line they use. If you get her you will get more than enough info on M and katie to get the boys away. But taht will be in a year or two. I have hope for kayla. her grades are an excellent sign that she watns a better, saner life now that she can see it is possible. It is hard to want that if you have never seen it, Know what I mean??
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    I would think if M isn't supposed to be there she's not telling food stamps office, etc. that he's there.
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    True. And that would have her in yet another mess. Because here in ohio........if you're getting any sort of welfare........and your children's father isn't living with you, he'd darn well be paying support. If he's not on the books as paying support, they WILL hunt him down and make him pay or put him in jail. No Ifs ands or buts about it. This is one thing they're strict on. You don't have to be married to him. They could care less if you're living with him or not (as long as his income is reported) but he'd darn well better be either paying support or that income is reported or there will be he11 to pay. When Nichole and her husband were living together before they were married and she was getting the insurance for her and aubrey.......she not only had to report his income, but he had to pay her child support, even though he was living with her.

    So she has to have income reported not only to welfare but also to disability. These two talk to each other. You betcha they do around here. If numbers aren't adding up, and she's not staying on top of reporting and paperwork, she'll suddenly find herself with no income from either at best and a jail sentence at worst. If she doesn't keep up with reporting and paperwork for the HUD apartment.....she'll be on the street.

    Now this is the girl who couldn't supposedly keep her foodstamps going for 6 months running in Mo........always there was some form she forgot to send in or some other lame excuse. Now instead of 1 she has 3 different places she has to make sure she's giving the same information to. Obviously she's already having a problem with that since according to her she's not had foodstamps nor insurance for the past 4-5 wks.

    It's only a matter of time. And oddly since I'm so busy with easy child and Nichole right now.........I've found I have more patience to let Katie continue to dig her own hole.

    Katie tells me her biomom is trying very hard to move to ohio and live with them. (which is why I'm not answering her calls, I'm not getting involved in that mess) Kayla told her mom and M that if she let grandma come live with them she was moving in with me! Seems Katie's biomom doesn't not get along with kayla and never has. According to both katie and kayla that grandma won't get off kayla's back over every teeny thing and it makes Kayla miserable. Hence why she told katie if that grandma shows up she's moving in with me.

    I said Kayla is always welcome here.

    I still don't know if the birthday party is on or not. Nichole is staying home on the couch. easy child.....well she's not that good on her crutches and the thought of trying to dodge katie's kids with a cast isn't appealing. Seems it will just be husband and I with me probably taking easy child's boys. IF there turns out to be one at all.

    Think I"m going to take Kayla yard saleing with me here soon when I can snatch some time to do so. lol