Philly, faitgue & phermones

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Steely, Dec 3, 2009.

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    Well, I am on my way back from Philly to Arizona. it is a whole day of traveling. Umpf. :sick: At least I can catch up on some sleep.

    The meetings were really, really good, but boy, my brain is blurred. I met with 50 different vendors, and had to listen to all of their product line, absorb the products of interest, and try to forget the rest. Everyone kept telling me, "oh, you are XZZ property - good god - you have the largest one! That place is incredible. How do you do it?" I just wish my VP could have heard their insight, because I still don't think he understands the volume of work this property requires. I have 18 stores!!! And they are spread out over 300 miles, and they generate about 9 million a year - so to buy product, hire employees, and do both the visual and operational side is intense. Not to mention, he is still letting me just fill in, since my boss left. Who knows if I will get the job. It is slightly annoying, but I am trying to just take it one day at a time and believe the right thing will happen.

    So I am having this really weird period of time in my life with men. I don't know if it is because I am 42 and my phermones aer changing (like a dog in heat??? does it work that way with people?) but something is different. I have the 29 and 44 year old I have told you about - and then at the vendor show this guy who was 33 and I totally hit it off. We ended up spending the whole night talking and hanging out. I know that sounds, you know, normal for some - but for me - no! I guess I am OK looking, but I just don't naturally attract people like that. In fact I went 10 years without anyone asking me out - and now it is happening like once a month. Very weird period of time for me, very different. I certainly enjoy it - but it is also a somewhat elusive change, one I am not sure I know what to do with or why it is happening.

    Anyway. That is my update. I am in the airport, and feeling the crunch of people starting to sit around me. God, I hate the clausterphobic piece of flying. Talk to you guys soon.
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    Hi Steely,
    hope your trip back to AZ goes well! Just wanted to tell you that I was a widow at age 42 and despite having 3 kids I had lots of interest from guys. I was dating 3 different guys at the same time and also had a rebound type relationship with a guy 11 years younger than me. I had never been this popular any other time in my life! I have to admit it was great for my ego and also lots of fun. So, enjoy!!

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    I don't know why that happens exactly but I can verify that 35 to 45 were different than the years before or after. I married husband during that age period and literally had two guys trying to give me rings at the same time...even after I told them I was getting married...and one of them I had never even kissed! Still confuses me.

    in my humble opinion, I think that with-o any effort or planning, at that age you ooze self confidence, optimism and carry yourself with relaxed experienced comfort. Men don't have to think about "babying you" or "spoiling you" or "teaching you". You already know what you need to know (which includes the fact that you don't NEED anyone) and that removes the pressure on the male.

    Be careful but enjoy. Even in 2009 you have to be discreet when you are a business woman. One jealous manager who is not "in the prime" can easily derail a career.

    by the way, this might not be your last hooray of being a Dude Magnet. I'm 69 and two or three male customers evidently don't see me as a Grandma. One of them (a nice guy who has been a customer for 20 years and is about 50 with a family) actually said "DDD why don't we have a brief affair
    while we're both up to it?" Big Grin...but serious! I was a bit shocked and said "Geez you should have asked me last year. I've crossed over into the group that are no longer up to it!" We both laughed and I was relieved that my husband was not nearby. He gets jealous. :redface: DDD