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  1. Hound dog

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    I'm sure all of us has run into our fair share of automated systems when calling utility companies or the phone company. This is sort of a chuckle post about such automated systems.

    So, I call the phone co today. All I want to do is get payment delayed til this friday so the check doesn't bounce. You'd think no big deal right?


    There system is NOT set up for any sort of delayed payment.

    So I get this very pleasant male computer voice, utterly helpful to the nth degree......except he doesn't have what I need listed as an option. I mean on the phone co's system you don't even have to push buttons, it does it by voice. (how helpful can you get lol)

    After a couple of tries, listening to his speil a couple of times to make sure I haven't possibly missed an option that might fit my problem, I get frustrated. At least before it was voice activated you could punch the O and talk to a person.

    So I clam up. Don't utter a sound. Computer continues to politely ask me what I'd like to do then apologizing because it can't "hear" my answers. Then it requests me to punch in the amt of my bill I'd like to pay.

    So I sit there. FINALLY, after I wonder if it's gonna fry it's circuits, it aknowledges it can't help me, so it thanks me and gives me a PERSON! :rofl: Takes about 2 mins to get the ok to make the payment on friday.

    So I ask the phone rep, how do I avoid the "system" the next time I need help such as this? She tells me, don't answer it when it asks you something, then it'll turn you over to a sales rep. :rofl: We both laughed when I tell her that's what I'd done to get her.

    I'd probably normally be steamed by this, instead it made me laugh. Why? Because I have to give the phone co credit, it's been a good 6-8 years since I last got a rude customer rep. They are so polite and good natured and helpful it's unbelievable.

    Now, if only our electric and gas companies were the same. :rolleyes:
  2. mom_in_training

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    Oh I hate the number game...... :rofl: But for the most part get through it because I have come to terms that us humans sometimes do not have a choice in the matter. I have also tried the being quiet and pressing no numbers but with some corporations remaining silent ends with their computer hanging up on you with a nice thank you and have a nice day right before you hear the dreaded click. Yikes!!! Lol!! Yes that has happened to me :faint:. I came across a site a while back. There are no guarantees that any one specific number will work but it is a database of corporate numbers that we consumers are not supposed to have. You know like the guy that gets fired or leaves a corporation that has the knowledge of these internal corporate numbers, Well sometimes they come across this site and pass on the information for all to see. I just checked to assure that the site is still up and running, It sure is.... :smile:
    Here is the link >>>
  3. SRL

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    Argghhhh....2 minutes ago I got right through to a person but I couldn't understand him. Try discussing why my cell phone suddenly is working as a different number why you can't communicate! I don't think the phone was swapped with someone else's but I sure don't know what else could have happened.
  4. Steely

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    SERIOUSLY hate the automated crud!!! I get so frustrated that I cannot articulate my needs!!!! It conjures up feelings of all my bad relationships!! :highvoltage:

    Glad your phone company at least has a person that finally answers! The last time I tried not answering the automated voice, it just kept repeating:
    (I am sorry, I don't understand your entry) ARGGGG!!!
  5. SRL

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    Hey, I found the paperwork I needed, called back and fairly quickly got another human being with whom I could actually converse! She couldn't explain the problem and the department who needs to help me is closed for the day.

    My cell phone DID change numbers spontaneously. :surprise:

    Living in the TwiLight Zone...
  6. DammitJanet

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    SRL....your cell changed numbers on you by itself? OMG!!!

    That would freak me

    I had something almost like that happen but it was human error at the cell phone store when the clerk activated a new phone for my husband on my number instead of his number. That ended up deactivating my SIM card which was working just dandy till she messed it up and his new phone rang as my number and my old phone wouldnt ring at all! Argh!!!
  7. Hound dog

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    SRL OMG! Too weird! That would freak me out, cuz I'd have to know how it did that.

    I have to say I've as yet to own a cell phone. The rest of the family has them, but I've remained stubborn. husband let me use his while Nichole was pregnant, but heck I wasn't even sure how to make a call on the thing. lol

    I don't like talking on the phone at home, why on earth would I want people to be able call me when I'm out??? :rofl:

    The phone co's automated system is the only one that doesn't drive me insane. I make husband call the others because I get too mad. lol
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Nooo the best one is OUR phone company where they greet you IN English recording and Immediately say Para hable in Espanole marke dos, to proceed in English push 1. The push 2 in Spanish is before the push 1 in English.

    SRL - (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS BABE) do do dooooo doooo.

    Maybe while you have the other number you should call Monanocapeside? Viva la long distance - it's not YOUR number is it!

    (bad Star) very bad.
  9. SRL

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    Yup, it did creep me out. The first sign of trouble was Monday when I wanted to see if I had enough charge and called the cell from my land line and got a busy signal. Then last night several people tried to call me back and it was busy. Then today I called my husband and he said "Did you get a new cell number?" Called tracfone and they said the serial number on my phone was indeed assigned to the new number! Thankfully I'd written the serial number on my paperwork so when I located that I was certain that it was my phone with a new number....with text messaging which I didn't activate. Too bad it wasn't paid for....;-)

    Daisylover, I have a pay as you go and only use the phone for quick calls and it was helpful when difficult child was having severe school anxiety. I never use it for chit chat--too many rude cell phone users out there.
  10. flutterbee

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    Count me as another without a cellphone. We had a Go Phone for a while, but I canceled it.

    Usually those voice-prompted automated systems still let you push a number. If I can't find the prompt I want, I push 0. Most of the time it works, but some companies have figured out that we do that and make it like option 9 or something...just to trick us.

    The gas company's system is the worst. And it's better than it used to be. Scary thought.
  11. SRL

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    An update from do do do dooo land:

    Today I spent 40 minutes on the phone with tracfone (please hold while I update my supervisor, please hold while my system is updating in between talk). They can't explain how it happened. My old number is still available but they have to send me a new SIM card and then I'll have the joy of getting back on the phone with them to explain the works to yet another customer service person so they can give me my new number.

    Happy Holidays from Tracfone! May I suggest another prepaid carrier to those of you looking for prepaid cell phone service...?
  12. susiestar

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    I have the worst time with the automated systems.

    A few years ago we had to pick my father up at the airport. He told us the time and the airline. Of course the weather was icky (being early January), so we tried to call and verify things. I spent over an hour making calls to the airline. The only plane the system acknowledged was flying from St. Louis to Vomenacapunto. I do not know where/what that is, but it kept telling me that it was the only flight.

    We did eventually find my father, he really did have a flight from St. Louis, but it went to Tulsa. Luckily, so did we!!!

    I also get strange service from our phone company. If I have to call tech support it is NEVER someone in the USA answering. They outsourced to India. It does make for a fun and challenging conversation. Luckily a very good friend of ours works for the phone company and can usually fix things.

    We just got new cell phones and have NO idea how to use them. Jessie gets frustrated and just makes them DO things. I am so clueless. I absolutely REFUSE to call and ask how to use the thing.
  13. SRL

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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: susiestar</div><div class="ubbcode-body">We just got new cell phones and have NO idea how to use them. Jessie gets frustrated and just makes them DO things. I am so clueless. I absolutely REFUSE to call and ask how to use the thing. </div></div>

    I just was upgraded from my old one--it's so ancient it's actually 2 inches thick and about 5 inches long. I'm not catching on to the new one very quickly but like you I'm not taking my son's offer to give me lessons...for pay!
  14. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    I don't know how true this is....

    But Nichole says if your phone number suddenly changed it usually means someone has stolen your number. Any charges they make can be billed to you. I'm guessing since it's actually your number.

    Seems someone she and b/f know had their number stolen, the person not only overused minutes but also accessed the internet to astronomical charges.

    Like I said.....I can't varify this info. Just passing it on in case it's useful.

  15. SRL

    SRL Active Member

    Thanks Lisa. Yikes, that would be a a big pain!

    This is a pay as you go cell phone. I get no bills so I don't think that's a concern but I will look into it.