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    I didn't make it to visit difficult child today. After my car got stuck and it took a nice neighbor about 30 mins to shovel me out, I thought it best to go straight to the store and back home.

    So, since the ONLY things I can send difficult child are a letter, a card, and/or 1-2 photos (even at Christmas and b-day), do you have any ideas for photos that I can take tonight or tomorrow? I have a couple of the dogs and me and didn't know if I should send them now or wait until his b-day in January. I don't want to make him more depressed about not being home at Christmas though. I was thinking of taking one of the house covered in snow and one of the dogs playing in the snow. I don't have a Christmas tree up and don't have a stocking filled for him to show him that it will be here once he's released.

    I do have a good card for him- and it will be the 3rd Christmas card I've sent him. (They were all of a different type so I could send one each week for 3 weeks. The first was about how much a caring son means to his mother in a spiritual way; the second was a funny one from the dogs; and this last one is about a mother's wishes for her son to find strength to get thru the future, have spirit, experience the feeling of having a dream come true, have wisdom, and most importantly to discover what is right for him.)
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    I like the one of the dogs playing. Dogs playing in the snow seems to bring a smile to anyone's face. Beyond that....maybe you could get one of your helpful neighbors to take a picture of you with the dogs...inside, outside...whichever works best for you.

    Great idea with the cards too! I'm sure he'll love it!