difficult child has physical today. Hasn't had one in two years.
(although he has been there enough)

It is his (difficult child) decision to get the meningitis vaccine. I have my concerns about side effects and I will speak to the pediatrician privately. difficult child has so much anxiety, so many headaches, this is just one less thing he would be worried about.
Seems as if there is someone, in the high school each year that gets meningitis. Then it hits the local papers, kids talk, and difficult child won't leave the house.

difficult child's appointment. is at 3pm, then he is off to baseball for a double header. Tried to tell him to get his shots in his his arms won't be sore. Don't think he will bare his butt for the doctor. He has issues in that department.

For those that had the shot, is there a lot of soreness after?
difficult child also has to get chicken pox shot.


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He doesn't have to bare his butt. The dr. can just have him lower his pants to the hip. There's a flesh area sort of to the side above the hip that works very well.
Good luck!


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I took my daughter in yesterday for her Hep A booster shot and I had her wear loose pants (new style koolats) and they just raised it up and put the shot in the side of her hip/thigh like Terry said.

My oldest easy child has to get his first ever sports physical tomorrow. You know, the lovely "Turn your head and cough" routine? He's had diarrhea and is sick to his stomach since he found this out. He is not looking forward to the doctor grabbing him there AT ALL!

Sorry your difficult child is so stressed! I hope it all goes well!