Picked new stand-in names for my kiddos...


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From hereafter 37 will be known as Bart, inspired by Bart Simpson.
I will call my grandson, his child, Junior.
Rather than using my daughter's name, even though she is legal and it's already here, I am going to call her Princess, which is my actual nickname for her and I do call her that.
I am going to call my granddaughter Baby Buddha because she is my good luck charm. I will probably just use BB. I get to see her this weekend!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I wanted to see them before surgery!!!!! Rubbing BB's hairy head for good luck :)
Jumper and Sonic are good, adequate names for each and will remain the same.
He-Who-Left-Home, whose name I've also used but no longer will, is going to be hereafter known as GoneBoy or GB.
Hub will still be hub or hubby.

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I do have a cat and her real name is Kitty (she came with that name). I will call her Kitty. I don't think she'll care ;)

Guess that covers it.


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Mine named herself: Master Manipulator. About sums it up quite nicely. When she said it at dinner out with the family one night my reply was "well how narcissistic of you" and every one laughed their heads off. She was the only one who didn't get the joke.


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Mine from now on, will be known as Ache and Joy. Aside of obvious Ache is more or less a private joke for my own amusement (in other words; add few different languages, few ways to pronounce things, some word plays and you get many amusing connotations and also my older son's real nick name that was used when he was young) and Joy is Joy because he is a joy (well, except when he is not) and I wasn't particularly inspired when I needed to come up with names for them. I did play around calling them just Whelp and Pup but while Whelp is very accurate, I do think my younger one would be offended to be called a pup, so I let that one go. Though Insolent Whelp will likely be Insolent Whelp also from now on at times. :D


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Argh, I have to memorize all that. And start watching the Simpsons. :)

My mom had nicknames for us. My older sisters were Chatty Kathy/Messy Bessy and The Rebel (or maybe it was the Black Sheep). My brother was The Executive. I was The Lurker. My little Sister was Pearl Mesta (at the time, the White House party coordinator).

Psychologists claim that it is psychologically damaging to label your kids.

I challenge them to put a stop to 234,562,877,432 people worldwide who persist in doing it.:p

by the way, difficult child is Mr. Grumpy Gills (from Finding Nemo). When he was a toddler, he was The Best Son in the Whole Wide World. He even remembers being happier then and something changing when he was around 8 ...


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Oh, and a mean one that one of our kids' teachers gave to her son was "Mr. 60%." Because he only put 60% effort into anything he did. We all thought that was horrid.

Anyway, most kids don't know what we type on these boards, anyway ... :)


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"Now known as Bart after Bart Simpson
I'll call her Princess, my nickname for her,
Sonic is still Sonic 21
Jumper is still Jumper
Junior will be the name of my grandson,
BB or Buddha Baby-
GoneBoy 37"

Blimey, I'm confused now!

I hope there's not going to be an end-of-year SATS test on all this.

Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a happy place where we could just call our kids ( and ourselves) by their proper names!