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    I talked to the doctor yesterday and was mentally exhausted from it so didn't post. I presented my post about the medication issues. He said he talked about Q at his conference this weekend and other docs told him to cover his butt because he was going to drop dead from the amount of concerta and clonidine he is on. I said, well I didn't prescribe it and I was always told it was because of his metabolism issue. He said that is true, he would not have been able to be on this dose if not for that, but he is worried we dont know the limit. I get that. I said, but how much safer are we really when we started a medication that flipped him out, then another that is partly helping, still not good on the impulse control like concerta Ritalin is, caused seizure problems, made us up another medication etc... and he said it was a good point. He also said that the testing they did showed he can't manage on half the dose much less off of it. I asked what is going to happen as he grows and if the current dose needs to be increased but we can't....he said I was thinking of too many what ifs. OK, I was, but my what ifs have all happened at some point over these past two months. I always think of the positive side too and hope for the best, but I have realized that not being prepared for things in Q's case can lead to chaos and far worse happening than seizures.

    So, one hope is that as his frontal lobe improves, he simply wont need as much and they both have told me that adults often need much less to be effective because at older ages the chemicals become more awakening than calming....That is great news. I also proposed an idea to completely get rid of the second Concerta dose which overlaps for 5 hours with the first dose unnecessarily...just to make sure there were medications on board in the evening. I think his heart would have less stress if we let the first dose wear off and do short acting ritalin at the end of the day. He loved that idea. (I already do that on days he sleeps in because the schedule is pushed too far into the night then)

    So, we will see what they do when I see them next.

    They also said the same as you guys....to go to the police station to talk to them. I also called our county crisis team to see what situations they would be appropriate for. They explained and so I think if he is not actually physical but threatening things they will come and help me get him in. They said the police in our county have strict rules about who goes to Department of Juvenile Justice and he would not be taken there because that would be a lawsuit in the making based on what I told them. They said they would transport to a hospital though. Dr. said he coudl die from a taser and that scares me so I did ask if they had policies,I knew the answer but wanted to hear it . Since it was on the media this week it was too much in my head.

    (though I have jokenly thought it might be a good tool for me, tee hee, or maybe mace?? kidding of course)

    So, I am gathering up my stuff and leaving in an hour.
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    Good luck and supportive, encouraging {{{{(((HUGS)))}}}} to you both.
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    Good luck buddy!!!