Picture day for Tink.

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    Let's back up, though.

    Last evening, I was jolted out of my chair by a blood curdling scream coming from outside. Moms know when it is their kid's voice, don't we? Well I flew out the door and sure enough, there lay Tink, two scraped and bloodied knees, yelling as though they had been amputated.

    The way she carries on when she gets hurt, I keep expecting to find her missing a limb.

    I help her up the stairs (no easy task for me. I usually need help up the stairs) and much to my chagrin I find that I have packed the bandaids already. So, I sit her with a warm wet washcloth over the wounds (of course it is a white one. I packed the red ones) and ran over to the neighbor's house.

    She's a fine neighbor. She gave me a couple bandaids, offered me bactine, sutures, a cast, a wheelchair...
    as she was getting the stuff, I mentioned that it was her picture day. She also let me borrow her curling iron. She had once curled Tink's hair and it looked adorable.

    Back I go to fix up the kid. Of course she is in shock at how red the washcloth has become. Well I get her all cleaned up and bandaged. All the while, I am thinking, you little klutz, you HAD to do this the day before pictures? She is going to be in her beautiful new dress, with 2 nasty bandaids peeking out from underneath them. Yes, I know the picture only comes down to her chest, but still...only she would have this happen to her.

    OK, so I get over it. This morning. She wakes up and comes out of her room whining because her knees are "sticky". I ask her to show me. She lifts her nightgown, and the bandaids are gone. I ask where they are. "I don't know". I tell her to get in the bed and find them. How disgusting! Now she is mad that I told her to do that. And she is crying. And she hates me. And I ruined her day.

    So I go looking through some of the packed boxes to find the bandaids I packed (I thought I knew where they were, but I just wanted a couple of them right away the day before). Got the bandaids. Get her cleaned up again. (her knees were sticky from the adhesive) These bandaids are much nicer looking. I think she may just look OK. She puts on her dress. It is beautiful. One of those that hangs down a little lower in the back than the front. It is chocolate brown, with melon/coral and turquoise flowers. I curl her hair. She looks amazing. I let her put on a little lipstick. She is an angel.

    Her shoes are packed.

    I remember thinking, "we don't have any occasions before the move. We can pack these shoes." Can't wear flip flops. Too cold. She can only find one croc. Her white gym shoes are at school.


    The most disgusting, stinky (because she wears them with no socks) filthy black vans. With pink skulls on them. I had no other choice. All her other shoes were packed.

    I wrote a note to her teachers. I asked them if they could have her stand in the back during the class picture.
  2. mrscatinthehat

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    don't you know you are actually lucky. Normally they scrape their nose or something. I don't like the lost bandaid in the bed either. Ahhhh aren't they little darlings. Hope the picture comes out ok.

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    roflao .. Sorry, I'd be asking she be out front. Those shoes and knees will be much more memorable than the adorable dress and cause bigger giggles when she's older.

    I have one school picture of my little one where she decided the night before she simply had t trim her bangs. Now, I had learned to hide scissors long before then. This is a child who actually cut through an oriental rug when she was 4! So, she had no scissors to make her bangs look "cute." Knives were also out of the reach ... that left .......................
    nail clippers!!!!! :hammer: Yup, she actually clipped every little strand three-by-three. In case you're wondering, I was relaxing and reading a book because my little one had gone to bed willingly and it was nice and quiet. So, the next morning, she comes downstairs in hysterics. Her bangs were any where from two inches long to 1/100th of an inch in length. There was absolutely no way to fix them. Can you say saw-toothed?? It has become one of our favorite pictures of her. Huge, gap-toothed grin, adorable side ponytails each in long ringlets and THE BANGS! :smile: :rofl: :bag:
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    ROFL---This reminds me. PCdaughter was a competitive dancer until she blew her knee at 16. When she was 8 she had a big competion. The day before she was out playing in the front yard with the neighborhood boys---One boy, about 12, was throwing a baseball and difficult child and the others were hitting. easy child was watching. difficult child then pitched to 12 year old. He hit the ball---line drive into easy child's eye. She had a tremendous shiner and a fractured cheek bone. She danced anyway---don't know how she saw anything and there was not enough make-up in the world to cover the bruise!
  5. Big Bad Kitty

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    Follow up.

    She gets home. We are sitting on the couch. Going over her school papers. She got her first fundraiser. Oh goody. I LOATHE fundraisers. So we are looking it over. I ask her "what is that smell...did you rip one?" She looks at me, smiles, and puts her foot on my lap.

    For the love of all things that are good and holy in the world.


    I thought I would pass right out. Did her feet stink. Those nasty shoes. I looked on the ground where she had taken them off, and I swear they were walking around by themselves.

    How can such a sweet little girl reek so bad?
  6. scent of cedar

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    What a day you've had!

    Tink sounds like the sweetest little kid. :smile:

  7. Steely

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    :lipstick: That lil Tink!!!! She is a precious handful huh? I wish I could of seen her all dressed up with her lil scraped knees, vans, and..........lipstick! What a cutie!!!!!
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    I know what you mean about the feet and shoes stinking. I once thought one of the kids stepped in dog poo, started checking everyone's shoes (of course we were in the car!), and realized it was my cute little 5yo daughter. :princess:

    She had taken a shoe OFF. Just one shoe, I thought I would pass out from the smell. :goo:

    Maybe we should box up a bunch of the kids old nasty stinky shoes and drop them on places instead of bombs.

    OH, Wait, that would be cruel and unusual punishment!!! :crazy2:

    Susie :vampire: :ghost:
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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: mrscatinthehat</div><div class="ubbcode-body">don't you know you are actually lucky. Normally they scrape their nose or something. I don't like the lost bandaid in the bed either. Ahhhh aren't they little darlings. Hope the picture comes out ok.

    Beth </div></div>

    :rofl: A friend of mine has a collage frame his mom made for him. There isn't one picture in there of him as a child without a shiner, bruise or some sort of visible injury. NOT ONE. One of his favorite stories is from when he had braces and slammed his face into eiter a tree or a car fender (forgot which one went with this particular story as both happened) when he had braces on. Went home, walked in the door with brace wire sticking out and blood everywhere, ran into his dad and his dad promptly turned around, went to the bathroom and was sick.
  10. Wiped Out

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    I agree it's lucky it wasn't her face. I bet she looked gorgeous!!! Oh do I hear you about stinky feet. I can always tell when difficult child takes his shoes off in the car-yuck!
  11. flutterbee

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    I bet she was as cute as a button. :lipstick:

    As for the stinky feet...Dr Sholls Shoe Shot (or something like that...in a yellow bottle with a blue cap). easy child wasn't allowed to keep his shoes in the house for a while. He had to keep them in the garage. AND he never wore shoes without socks. It was just the nastiest thing. He uses that Dr Sholls stuff everyday and no more problem.

    If that doesn't work, amputate. :nurse: