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    You may have to click one of the pics to get them normal size, then scroll through the remainder that way, otherwise they seem very small.

    Thought I'd post a link to a few photos ... one is my grandpa who served in World War 1 and 2. He was such a handsome young man.
    There's a goofy one of me sticking out my tongue at my easy child tonight, thought I'd add it to show my hair since my big hair salon excursion. I'll have to find a better picture of it to post tomorrow.
    The others are of these adorable light bulb penguins that easy child and I made together tonight. Wednesday is our mom/daughter date night. I took her out for a milkshake at a old fashioned soda shop type place. We went craft supply shopping and then came home and bunkered in for over 5 hours doing crafts in the kitchen. One pair of penguins is our version of a Mr. and Mrs. Penguin after a night out at a Christmas party. Mr.Penguin appears to be in the nip, and Mrs. Penguin must have been drinking when she picked her over the top ensemble lol. The other one in the pictures is one easy child made for a young woman who works for her dad and step mom at their bookstore, she had a baby boy this year so this is her gift for her this year for babies first Christmas.

    It was a fun evening :)
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    Thanks for sharing-love the pics! Your hair looks great! Sounds like a terrific night!
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    It looks like you had fun- thanks for sharing these! I love old photos like that, too.
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    Nice pics! I have a picture of my dad during WWII in his Navy uniform that I just love! Your dad's handsome too~
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    cool pics!
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    Great pics! I love your hair!