Pictures of ex-difficult child graduating from can happen!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Dec 18, 2011.

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    It wants me to sign in or something- I couldn't access the photos.

    But anyway- congrats to you both and thank you for the hope!
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    Thanks. I'll have to try something else.
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    Photobucket used to work and it stayed safe and secure- but I can't remember how to use it now. difficult child helped me thru it to use it before, believe it or not.
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    You tell ex difficult child that this board Auntie is mighty might PROUD of her!!!! Way To Go!
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    Allright!! Now I can see the photos!!

    Good job!!
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    Thanks. I don't think I did shutterbug right and I didn't put on the best pictures, but...hey, you get the idea :)
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    AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing that... I love this extended family.
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    Congratulations to her!!!! You are both so beautiful!
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    Fabulous!!! Congrats to all - I know it "took a family" to get there!!!

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    Hi Midwest mom,

    Boy do I love lookin at the pics! You have got to be so proud of your Julie. She has a beautiful smile and happy glow about her.
    Is that your cute self standing next to Julie, the one with the bangs?
    You look like such a very nice lady...and you are! smile.

    Hugs and congrats,
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Great photos. :)
  13. SomewhereOutThere

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    Hi. Thanks to all. To say it was a rocky ride is a gross understatement. I'm the midget with the bangs. Hub wasn't in town...had to watch the dogs (yes, I know, it's sad), but my ex is the blond. Jumper and Sonic are the other two kids. Julie's boyfriend Geoff is the last person unaccounted Julie (Pastry Chef) already has a job in the school's restaurant and does banquets and sometimes puts in ten hour days while she puts out five hundred pastries. Sometimes more. She got honors and high honors and they want her to go back to school so she can teach, but she is tired of school now. She worked a lot while going to school and is tired of school for now.

    Ten years ago, Julie was snorting ADHD drugs and cocaine and using meth and even trying heroin. She also drank too much. She had three serious car crashes (not her own cars). One day she saw a friend with needle marks on her arms and thought, "That will be me." She quit and did not look back. There was no rehab or even treatment, but we did maker her leave, which prompted her to call her straight brother in Illinois to see if she could stay with him. He said ok, on the condition that she never break any of his rules. Getting away from her Wisconsin "friends" (cough) gave her the chance she needed to quit without being harassed. There was a long time before she had any friends in Illinois and s he was very lonely until she met Geoff. Her first job in Illinois, one of her brother's requirments, was at Subway where she had to walk to and from. She was eventually promoted to Manager.

    I am very proud of her. I wasn't sure she'd live to see her twenty-first birthday. I know that many of you know how that feels. She is also proof that anyone can take a hard look at his/her life and say, "Not me." It may not happen as dramatically or as fast, but it can happen. Never give up. Keep The Faith!
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    Congratulations! Everyone looks so happy and proud, as well you should all be.
    Best wishes to Julie as she graduates and embarks on her career. You have such a beautiful family.
  15. lovemysons

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    Thank you for "Julie's story" and the reminder to Keep the Faith.
    She's a pretty amazing gal.

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    Great pictures! Congrats to Julie!
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    Congratulations! That is an amazing achievement.

    Gives hope to all of us here.

    All her board aunties are very very proud of her. She looks so adorable and justifiably proud.

    Thanks for posting the pictures.

    Love, Esther
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    Thanks for posting. I love nothing more than to read success stories, it gives me hope ...

    Congrats and you have a beautiful family MWM !!


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    I'll have to check these at home... Access Denied here.

    But still - I am so very proud of her!!!

    (and you, too, MOM!)
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    Thanks all. I *am* proud, but mostly she did it herself. She decided to get off the drugs and start over, get a rotten job at Subway, then go back to school, etc. etc. Would love to take the credit. I can't. It goes along with "They have to decide they want to quit and then do it."

    If you saw her ten years ago you would have seen an emaciated girl with "hyper" eyes (if that makes sense) who had terrible skin (meth messes with your skin...she still has marks from the acne and nothing so far has helped get rid of them). Now she looks so healthy, it makes me warm inside. credit goes to anyone but her. I think Geoff has been good for her too. They have now been together for eight years. Julie tells me that when she finds her ex="friends" on Facebook, every single one of them, save for one other female, are either in jail or getting out of jail and they are all on drugs to this day. I think it was a good thing that she decided to go to another state and start over (although we miss her). We think of possibly moving closer to Illinois after Jumper graduates from high school.

    Thanks to all for looking and moreso for caring. I know some of you, although it may seem impossible now, will see the same sort of success with your kids.