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    I made a Caramelized Upside Down Pear Pie tonight for dessert. Yum~

    It was so easy to make and it's just about gone. One slice cost me 5 points (and it was a small slice, but well worth every bite!).

    It's pie making season around here. Next week we're going apple picking and I cannot wait.

    Has anyone made any good pies lately?
  2. susiestar

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    Not recently. But my bro just took thank you out to pick pears. He knows the person who owns the tree so thank you went with him and his daughter. We got 69 pears!!! He had easily twice that.

    I have been looking into ways to preserve them.

    With apples I LOVE to peel and slice them for pies, but the seasonings and butter in them and freeze them. I take plastic and line a pie pan with it, usually 2 layers. If you spray the plastic with cooking spray before you put the apples in they come out super easy. After about 4-6 hours I take them out and vacuum seal them or put them in a giant ziploc. Then when I want pie I just make crust and put the pre cut fruit in teh pan. I bake it like a frozen pie.

    I am going to try that iwth pears.

    Just a thought.