Piglet & Tigger Made HONOR ROLL

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Piglet made second honors. Normally this isn't a big deal as 80% of the students make honor roll; but Piglet had to do some self-advocacy to retake quizzes/tests. She is just starting to self-advocate :)

    Tigger has not has letter grades in almost 4 years. He is so proud of himself! (me too!!) He made FIRST honors. All As except a B+ in, of all things, gym..lol
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    That's GREAT!!!!! Congratulations to both of them!
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    Way to go! I am so proud of them!
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    Such a proud parent moment! enjoy and Congrats to to the little critters.
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    YIPPPPPEEEEEEE! You must be walking around doing that "proud little peacock" walk. Such a Proud Mom Moment!!
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    Congrats to both!
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    Awesome job Piglet and Tigger - and good for Piglet to self-advocate.

    :) :) :)
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    I don't actually know what an honor roll is (though have come across the term in books, obviously) but it sounds like a good thing and congratulations!
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    Way To Go to both of them!
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    WOWZA! congratulations to both of them...sounds like they earned every bit of it!

    ps: as for the gym thing--its not like you and i remember--the national "get fit" stuff apparently gives very specific critera that many of our kids will never meet, and a big sticking point seems to be running a timed mile (we still have no idea what time would get you an A, i guess a 5 min. mile, lol!) its no longer just a "participation" type grade. in my opinion, the standards are kind of impossible for tweens/teens, unless you are an athelete to begin with, and a B+ is a GREAT grade!!
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    That is so awesome !!!!!
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    Our gym classes get three grades
    5 pts per day for getting dressed in your gym uniform
    5 pts per day for participating (defined as moderate effort)
    various points for tests on the rules for the games

    Tigger lost points for not dressing for gym a few times and doing poorly on his badminton test lol
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    Congrats to both kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    That's so great! Congrats!
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    Malika -- Honor Roll is the list of kids that got a certain grade point average or higher. Our jr high defines it as a 3.0-3.49 (B average) is second honor roll and 3.5-4.0 (A average) is first honor roll.
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    Congrats to them both!!!
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    Way to go!!!!
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    Just had the kidlets parent-teacher conferences.

    Piglet is doing fantastic. There are no longer any concerns that she may need to go back into Special Education for high school. In fact, every teacher (except history) said that they expect her to be placed in the regular college-prep level courses and NOT the remedial level ones. The history teacher says she does great except for tests and quizzes and once she started having her tests read to her, those grades shot up too. He is going to try a couple different ways to give her the quizzes and then document which one works so that the high school will know.


    Tigger has been doing well. They are going to gently raise the academic bar and see if he'll jump. Originally, we had hoped that today's meeting would be the one that would move him into 1 more gen ed class but with the one outburst a couple of weeks ago I thought it was off the table until March but if he does well until Christmas, he will probably get to add ART to his schedule.


    Happy momma here!!!
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    I'm so happy you're getting some great news! :D