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    I took difficult child to the bus stop this morning, and there was another parent there. I knew the boys (difficult child and several of his friends) had been having pinecone wars, but I was not bright enough to realize this was a problem. This parent (who has twin 1st grade girls) came up and said something to the effect that the boys were getting in trouble at the bus stop. The gentlemen who lives near the bus stop had asked them to stop the pinecone wars, and apparently someone from administration at the bus garage was at the stop Friday too. She then says didn't they call you? Well no one called. Then she says they are moving the stop in front of my house. I do not mind this, but if they think I am going to monitor all of the kids they are wrong. I am not even home 2-3 days of the school week when they get on the bus. The other mom asked me for my cell phone number which I did not give her as I felt so attacked and lambasted. I think I will just take difficult child to school when I do not have to work, or he can walk or ride his bike. The other mom has a son easy child's age, and he has been in just as much trouble as difficult child. Part of me wonders if she is just trying to get difficult child in trouble?

    So we enter another school year, and go from fist fights to pine cone wars. :faint: Give me a break. What is next
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    It is always something, isn't it? Why can't we just get some sort of break!
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    Aaaack! I'd be sneaking out the back door with him...
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    Some people are so wierd. Pinecone wars? Is that a big issue across the nation? I mean, how bad can a pinecone hurt? It sounds kind of fun!

    And what about when there is snow on the ground and the kids are throwing icy snowballs at one another? What then? Will they build a bubble to keep the snow out and make sure the kids don't come in contact with snowballs?

    None of this stuff is making sense to me. It's gotten so ridiculous. I think if a mom said something like this to me I'd laugh in her face and say "Oh plese, gimme a break" and walk away. Jeesh~
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    Ok...this is one of those things that really gets to me.

    9 year old boys are still 9 year old boys! Pine cone wars are natural. They should be thankful they arent rocks. This is so normal boy behavior why does everyone have to get into a tizzy over it? The world is trying to make little rambunctious boys into perfect little quiet girls that there is no room for the rough and tumble play of normal boys. No wonder we have so many difficult child's!
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    Can you go around the car and hide and hit her with a pinecone??

    OKAY. If you say so then we have to be grownups.

    Why is the bus stop moving to the front of your house? We need an act of Congress to make the bus stop move because the high gas prices.

    Why on EARTH would she think you would share your cell phone # for this?

    Who are the other kids involved in the pinecone war? Why not put the stop in front of THEIR house? Maybe their mom complained first?

    You can always complain loudest!!! I will help.

    Our difficult children have enuf problems with-o being singled out!

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    Thank you guys, my first thought was who the HE## cares!!! Is he the only one doing it? They are little boys, next time should we give them flowers to smell and take away the pine cones?
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    Guess what? Where they are moving the bus there are no pinecones. No pine trees in front. I looked at the bus stop change form and the stop is next to my neighbor's house.
  9. Big Bad Kitty

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    Bring out basketfulls of them. One for each kid.

    For the love of all that is good and holy, they are PINE CONES.

    Are you ready for this? A middle school in the Chicagoland area just banned hugging. HUGGING!! The kids form hug lines between classes, and they are late for class.

    Is it me, or is the SD going bass ackwards on this? Like, maybe ban the hug LINES? Gimme a break!