PIP ~ otherwise known as pain in the posterior

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Feb 8, 2009.

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    :rofl: Respectful snowstorm during tournaments? What other type is there? There are ALWAYS bad weather days for the tournaments.

    I think PIP employees live in a cave and work out of their dens at home. Maybe if they had to face the endless days of below freezing weather they would think differently?

    I also think if the weather happens as predicted tomorrow through Wednesday those PIP employees better go out for a drive like in rush hour on the ice and re-evaluation their report.


    My PIP indicator sure is different then theirs.
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    I lived in the snowbelt of Ohio for many years - we had 'bad' winters and lots of snow but NOTHING like MN winter weathers. DF is from ND and his idea of cold is around 12 and below - I can actually get him to put a heavy shirt on if it's 20 or under and a coat if it's around 0.

    I belive whomever created this PIP report is suffering from a frozen brain.

    This would be the same person whom I would invite to SC in the middle of July to say "It's not so hot." then look over at my flower beds planted specifically for drought tolerant conditions to see - NO plants living. :ashamed:
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    Seriously funny, because at work we have a PIP. We put people on a PIP when they have violated our code of conduct. Sounds like these people are on one.:tongue: