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    I had a plantar wart that was removed by a podiatrist. He burned it off about 13 years ago. It hurt like hell and I was left with a hard callous like thing. When I told him about it, he said it was likely scar tissue. Believe it or not, I seriously never made the effort to have it checked out again. So flash forward to three weeks ago...I took a nail clipper to it to cut away the hard callous. It turned bright pink and hurt so I saw my regular dr the other day, Thursday, who cryogenically removed what she said was the original plantar wart. She said they are persistent and often require three rounds of treatment before they are finally gone!

    The freezing part didn't really hurt at all, it felt cold, then numb. But beginning yesterday morning, it hurt like heck and now even moreso.

    What can I do, of anyone knows, to relieve the pain? Also, I think the nitrous oxide gun she used was supposed to target only the wart but she must have moved and it went outside the boundaries of the's red around it. Not hot, no fever, so I don't think there's an infection. But it hurts.
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    I got that about 2 years ago. My podiatrist said freezing them is the worst you can do because it is so painful. He recommended VeruCide which I bought from him. It is a salicylic acid that you put on and then tape the foot with athletes tape. Then every day soak the bare foot in warm water and use a pumice (sp) stone to work the skin. You have to get to the root of the wart. It took me about 3 months to get rid of mine & I'll tell you I know that I got mine trying on sandals in Marshall's that late spring. Never had one before in my life, but it was the only place I had been in stocking feet. Then that summer at my parents lake I would swim and my foot opened up with the water like a crater. It was a very effective treatment, no return.

    difficult child got one a year after I did. Where? I don't know, but took him to the same podiatrist, did the same treatment and all gone. I don't know if you can get this OTC, but a podiatrist will sell it to you.
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    I'm sorry you're hurting heart. :( my oldest difficult child gets them all the time on her feet. They do keep regrowing and yes, they are painful. Even once lazered off. She got the same thing you did with the redness and pain. Probably she didn't go outside the area but it will be red around it too. I give daughter ice and motrin for the inflammation. It's about the best you can do, besides trying not to walk on it until it heals (easier said then done!).
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    I had one right in the center of my heel that was unbearable! I had it burned off three times by my regular MD, and it came back after a few weeks each time. I finally had to see a podiatrist who sliced open my foot, cut it out and cauterized it. I've been lucky that it hasn't come back since then!
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    Warts are one of the hardest things to get rid of, and plantar warts go deeper than most. My bro ended up having six cut out at once, from both feet, bc he ignored them for too long and it was the only way to get rid of them.

    Using something to slough off the top surface after the chemical is applied is the best way to handle any kind of wart. I would not use pumice because it cannot be cleaned effectively. You can reinfect yourself by using the pumice stone more than once on a wart. I buy cheap emery boards, the roughest ones I can find, usually ten or twenty for about a buck at BigLots, and for small warts I break them in half or thirds depending on the size of the board. After a shower or bath, I use the emery board to remove the top part of the wart and apply more wart medicine. I throw the emery board away after it is used, and never reuse it. If you want something you don't throw away, get a metal file and run it through the dishwasher after every use or boil it for five min on the stove after each use.

    Often the virus that causes warts lives on/in the body causing no problems until the immune system leaves an opening, and then it grows into a wart. You could have gotten them at home or had the virus in your body for years before you actually got warts. It isn't usually the case that you get them from a single exposure somewhere.

    As this heals, consider something with lidocaine in it to put on the sore area as long as the skin is not broken. I recommend BurnJel Plus, sold at walmart and walgreens and cvs etc... by the bandaids and calamine lotion, etc.... BJP has lidocaine, aloe and tea tree oil and is amazing stuff for a lot more than burns. It is great for those too. We use it on J's cystic acne because it helps the pain and keeps her from picking at it. It makes her acne clear up much faster than any acne wash/medicine we have tried. I also use it for lots of other skin problems like rashes etc... the aloe and tea tree really speed up healing and the lidocaine means some relief from pain. A bottle costs about six bucks.
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    Witz I had mine surgically removed too. It was in the 50's and I still remember how much it hurt as each and every root was removed, the wound was packed, covered tight and I was not allowed to wear a shoe or walk on it for quite some time. Still remember using crutches at school. But...I never got another one. Sorry some of you all are having repeat problems. DDD
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    Thanks Susie, I will pick some up tomorrow. Wish I saw this earlier...I ventured out today and would have gotten it. Dang.
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    Hey Hearts and Roses! I'm assuming the wound healed up since this post was from 2013, but I'm sorry you had to go through that!

    For future reference... I was able to get rid of a really bad plantar wart using Epsom salts, duct tape and salicylic acid pads.It really just took persistence for a few weeks. If you ever get another one, keep it covered with the tape, soak daily in the salts and use SA pads (Dr Scholl's type pads) that put pressure around the wart pushing it out into the acid part of the pad.

    You can read more about how I used this treatment on a blog I made for the purposes of documenting my progress for anyone who needed guidance. There are also before and after photos.

    hope this helps if needed!

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    Sorry just realized I couldn't post links at the moment! If you google "Stubborn Wart Blogger" it should be the first result!